Researchers at The University of Queensland have discovered a DNA modification that enhances our ability to extinguish fear.

19 February 2019
Samantha Nixon ... developing better treatments for drug-resistant parasitic worms, to help Aussie sheep farmers

Three University of Queensland postgraduate students have received funding for study and travel, and entry to a leadership program, thanks to a fund celebrating a bank’s bicentenary.

2 February 2017
Dr Timothy Bredy.

A new study has found the mechanism used by a hidden gene to affect how the brain responds to stressful experiences, in a discovery that could eventually help control anxiety.

26 February 2015
Neuroscientists from The University of Queensland’s Queensland Brain Institute may have found a way to silence the gene that feeds fear.

For many people, fear of flying or of spiders skittering across the lounge room floor is more than just a momentary increase in heart rate and a pair of sweaty palms.

28 April 2014

THE work of 15 researchers and supervisors has been honoured at a special ceremony to mark Research Week at The University of Queensland.

13 September 2011

Neuroscientists at UQ's Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) have discovered a previously unrecognised layer of gene regulation associated with fear extinction, which is an inhibitory learning process thought to be critical for controlling fear-related...

15 August 2011

Groundbreaking research into nanotechnology and advanced polymers will be accelerated with $3.6 million in infrastructure funding awarded to The University of Queensland (UQ) today.

1 December 2010