Dr Richard Gordon and assistant in his lab

Researchers from The University of Queensland will investigate the potential of existing drugs to be repurposed to fight Parkinson’s disease thanks to a new research grant.

7 March 2019

Rapid precision-scanning technology to speed up medical diagnoses and help address Australia’s shortage of trained pathologists is being developed at the University of Queensland.

8 November 2018
Professor Michael Yu is working on revolutionary termiticide products

Challenges of a modern Australia – ranging from melanoma, to termites, to degenerative disorders, reef protection and food provision – are in the sights of six UQ projects to share $4.2 million in State Government funding.

20 October 2017
UQ's Young Tall Poppy winners

Investigating what we look for in a partner – and how that has affected human evolution – has led the University of Queensland’s Dr Barnaby Dixson to be named the Queensland Tall Poppy of the Year.

18 August 2016
Dr Arnold Wiliem

Pathology testing plays a crucial role in the health care system, making up 70 per cent of the scientific basis for medical diagnosis – but the turnaround on test results can takes days for people living outside major cities.

21 June 2016
Mr Hosam Zowawi, a PhD student at the UQ Centre for Clinical Research, received a Young Laureates of Rolex award at London’s Royal Society.

A commitment to protecting the world from the threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has led to a University of Queensland student receiving a Rolex Award for Enterprise.

18 November 2014
Mitch Sullivan will further his research at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm with a world-leading diabetes research team

University of Queensland graduate student Mitch Sullivan’s discovery of a link between type 2 diabetes and how the liver stores blood sugar has captured the interest of leading diabetes researchers.

11 November 2014
Dr Felicity Brown will undertake research at Harvard University into refugee mental health

A University of Queensland researcher is bound for Harvard University, thanks to the Australian Government’s Endeavour Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship for 2015.

7 November 2014
UQ was awarded a total of 77 health and medical research grants today

Australia’s first Centre of Research Excellence in Chronic Kidney Disease will be established at The University of Queensland with a $2.5 million grant announced today.

17 October 2014
Associate Professor James Scott

Health practitioners will be better equipped to predict self-harm or suicide attempts in adolescents as a result of a University of Queensland study on psychosis in young people.

8 August 2014
Researcher Hosam Mamoon Zowawi said the ‘phantom’ superbugs were found during a region-wide collaborative study on superbugs.

University of Queensland researchers have discovered antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the Middle East which is cloaking itself in genetic material to avoid detection and placing the population at increased risk of deadly infections.

2 June 2014
Smart phone app to help people with Parkinson's

A smartphone app has been developed to help monitor and improve treatments for people with Parkinson’s disease.

8 April 2014

Students and staff passionate about exchanging extraordinary ideas have secured top speakers for The University of Queensland’s first ever TEDx event on March 23.

7 March 2013

A new study from The University of Queensland shows monitoring the brain of stroke patients using Quantitative EEG (QEEG) studies could inform treatments and therefore, minimising brain damage of stroke victims.

13 August 2012
The Forgan Smith building at the UQ St Lucia campus is lit up red in support of MS Awareness Month.

The University of Queensland will glow red for the month of May to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis, a debilitating disease that researchers at the university are working to combat.

2 May 2012
Genevieve Beirne

Genevieve Beirne's graduation with her law degree at a University of Queensland ceremony on Tuesday, December 8, would have especially pleased her great great uncle, Thomas Charles Beirne (1860–1949).

2 December 2009

Vision- and hearing-impaired theatre-goers will experience the production of a lifetime when University of Queensland PhD candidate Caroline Heim presents The Miracle Worker at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

29 May 2009
Dr Emma Hutchison

Trauma may be the key to healing the world, according to UQ researcher and Shorncliffe local Dr Emma Hutchison.

23 December 2008

Graduations are a special time for all involved, but for the Stephenson family, today’s UQ graduations will be especially memorable.

3 December 2008

Brisbane's heritage planning policy should focus on preserving the city's rich architectural tradition and regional character in response to recent urban expansion, according to UQ PhD student Dr Robert Riddel.

13 November 2008