UQ Professor David Craik.

Researchers at UQ's Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) have received over $3 million from the Queensland Government to combat diseases including type 2 diabetes and to study sugarcane soils to advance environmentally sustainable food and...

19 June 2012

The global market for sugarcane is expanding, and new research at UQ is providing clues as to how improved farming practices will reduce the environmental footprint of sugarcane farming.

5 May 2010

Climate change, preserving ecosystems and greenhouse gas emissions are all under the microscope of a team of international experts, thanks to an initiative by a UQ researcher.

25 March 2008

The University of Queensland has received the largest share of funding in the country for Australian Research Council Linkage project grants.

22 May 2007

University of Queensland botanists believe pioneering physiological profiling will help ensure the survival of rare plants from the lowland tropical forests of the Daintree by identifying why they are unique.

7 December 2000

University of Queensland botanists have used the latest high tech methods to help Queensland police identify source crops of distributed cannabis materials and prosecute drug offenders.

16 June 1998