A University of Queensland neuroscientist has been awarded a prestigious international fellowship in recognition of Australia’s research into how the brain learns.

22 September 2016
A UQ study has found the more time we spend with people from another nationality the more empathy we have for them.

The more time we spend with people from another nationality the more empathy we have for them, University of Queensland research has found.

8 May 2015

Want to know why sports fans get so worked up when they think the referee has wrongly called their teams’ pass forward, their player offside, or their serve as a fault?

1 February 2012

Nine UQ researchers will travel the world building research links and bringing that knowledge back to Queensland thanks to funding from the Queensland Government.

19 May 2010

UQ research aimed at better diagnosing breast cancer is just one of 16 projects to be awarded prestigious fellowships by the Australian Government this week.

10 September 2009

Five talented Vietnamese researchers will share in a $1 million University of Queensland scholarship package for PhDs in UQ’s leading research institutes.

22 April 2009

Researchers at UQ’s Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) have discovered an important new link between how we see an action – and the way our mind processes that visual stimulation.

12 November 2008

UQ’s Queensland Brian Institute (QBI) is this week hosting 180 brain imaging specialists from around the world who have arrived for the annual FSL & FreeSurfer course, being held in the southern hemisphere for the first time.

24 June 2008

A team of researchers working with UQ's Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) has discovered more compelling evidence that attention-deficit disorder in young boys is substantially attributable to brain development.

25 September 2007