After more than a century of graduations, Queensland’s largest university is celebrating a major milestone this December: 250,000 graduates.

After more than a century of graduations, Queensland’s largest university is celebrating a major milestone this December: 250,000 graduates.

14 December 2017
 Student Valeria Heredia - left, Dr Nick West and student Franchesca Velarde

The battle against tuberculosis (TB) is closer to being won after University of Queensland students identified promising inhibitory compounds during a molecular microbiology practical course this semester.

16 June 2017
The shy and nocturnal night parrots live in remote and rugged areas

Ensuring one of Australia’s most high-profile threatened bird species does not disappear a second time is the mission of a University of Queensland researcher.

29 March 2017
Professor Jochen Mueller

Proceeds of Crime funding will help University of Queensland researchers keep an eye on drugs in Australia’s wastewater.

3 November 2016

Scientists at the The University of Queensland and the University of California San Francisco have found a new way to inhibit the growth of the bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB).

5 April 2016
Dr Nick West

Tuberculosis: Many Australians believe it was eradicated years ago – but the grim reality is that TB is still a major world-wide killer, responsible for 1.5 million deaths a year.

24 March 2016
Left to right: Jimmy Jessup (Convenor), Nicki Murray (Video Director), Joy Qin, Henry Bretz, Will Baxter, Steele McMahon, Katie Wheatley, Henry Meehan, Izzy Belonogoff.

Failing an exam at The University of Queensland is no laughing matter.

6 August 2015
University of Queensland Law Society (UQLS) President Chad Hardy, The Hon Justice Patrick Keane and Catherine Drummond, winner of the UQLS Medal for the Most Outstanding Graduate of the Year.

University of Queensland law students have been awarded for their exceptional academic performance, in areas from taxation law to criminal procedure.

23 May 2013
Wawiriya Burton(Australia, 1928) Pitjantjatjara people, South Australia
'Ngayuku ngura - My country' 2009, Amata, South Australia
Synthetic polymer paint on linen
152 x 122 cm 
d’Auvergne Boxall Bequest Fund 2009, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide
© Wawiriya Burton, Courtesy of Tjala Arts

The Art Gallery of South Australia’s travelling exhibition Desert Country offers an oasis of colour when it opens at The University of Queensland Art Museum on 4 August 2012.

13 July 2012
“We’re excited to be bringing our distinctive brand of hospitality to The University of Queensland”

A new café specializing in Italian food has opened at the UQ Tennis Centre, Blair Drive, St Lucia.

30 March 2012
Dr Gray . . . enjoying being "home among the gum trees"

The new director of The University of Queensland Art Museum, Dr Campbell Gray, stepped into his new role this week - "very excited" to be back in Australia.

11 March 2011

A one-day seminar taking place at the University of Queensland in July will facilitate the continuing urgent debate about Australia’s offshore constitutional laws and the unsatisfactory nature of the federal issues between the States and the...

25 May 2010

How could picture-perfect Heron Island – a remote coral cay on the Tropic of Capricorn north east of Gladstone – possibly be the subject of an artist’s ecological scrutiny?

5 October 2009
Artist-in-residence Judy Watson

A stint at UQ's Heron Island Research Station has prompted Brisbane-based Indigenous artist Judy Watson to explore the concept of renewal in her latest work.

2 April 2009

A distinguished member of The University of Queensland’s community, Sir Bruce Watson AC, died on November 1, aged 80.

6 November 2008

What stands six metres tall, takes three days to put together and has something special to say about modern warfare and dwindling fossil fuel supplies?

3 September 2008

Researchers from UQ’s Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) have developed a new framework which can be used to monitor and report on a company’s community engagement strategies.

20 June 2008

Two former Wallabies are answering the call to develop rugby in the country by traveling to Condamine as part of the University of Queensland’s Rugby Academy’s (UQRA) two-day camp next week (February 10 - 11).

1 February 2007

An acclaimed author and Queensland’s youngest woman ever elected to State Parliament are The University of Queensland's 2006 Alumnus of the Year and Young Alumnus of the Year.

24 October 2006

Former Australian Rugby Union (Wallabies) players Fletcher Dyson and Nick Stiles headlined an intensive three day rugby union camp for US players at Arizona State University from January 6-8.

4 January 2006