From left to right, Robin Francis (Brisbane Women’s Club), Laura Riddel (Women’s College) and Mendy Campbell (Brisbane Women’s Club)

The Brisbane Women’s Club has launched a new $20,000 scholarship for students at The University of Queensland’s Women’s College.

20 April 2015
Merle Thornton being interviewed for the project in January

When activist and former University of Queensland academic Merle Thornton chained herself to the bar at the Regatta Hotel in the mid-60s, it was a landmark moment for women’s rights in Australia.

1 March 2011

Thanks to the tireless efforts of many dedicated volunteer readers, UQ has, for more than 20 years, been able to support the academic needs of students with a vision impairment.

29 October 2008

The University of Queensland’s technology transfer company, UniQuest, and the University of Wollongong (UOW) will today (November 29) sign a historic commercialisation agreement.

29 November 2004

Studies of Hervey Bay whale watch ecotourism, jazz performance, south-east Queensland amenity regions and Parkinson's Disease are among 38 research projects funded through a University of Queensland scheme.

15 November 1999

Julie Webb has not let blindness prevent her from becoming one of the top achieving medallists of the 63 students awarded University of Queensland medals for outstanding scholarship at graduation ceremonies at Mayne Hall, St Lucia on May 18 and May...

15 May 1998