The research focused exclusively on recreational bodybuilders, to understand how their motivations to use drugs, and patterns of use.

Prohibition is failing to curb recreational bodybuilders’ use of performance and image-enhancing drugs, and the policy is sexist and causes harm, according to participants in a first-of-its-kind University of Queensland study.

9 November 2016

Community attitudes to the extension of life are complex, according to the preliminary results of a new University of Queensland study.

5 October 2006

Australian society’s obsession with looking younger is set to collide with the reality of an ageing population, a University of Queensland researcher has warned.

7 November 2005

Grandparents raising grandchildren, baby boomer career women, aged care facilities and the pros and cons of staying in the workforce will be up for discussion at the fourth National Conference for Emerging Researchers in Ageing (ERA 2005).

1 November 2005

The needs of older people and the future well-being of all Australians will be the focus of a research conference in Brisbane this week.

19 November 2003