The world’s greatest science festival is coming to Brisbane, and The University of Queensland’s Science Demo Troupe is gearing up to flaunt their skills in a Street Science event.

15 February 2016

The University of Queensland topped the nation in the prestigious Australian Research Council Future Fellowships announced today, being awarded 31 fellowships worth a total of more than $22 million.

17 November 2010

A University of Queensland research team has celebrated the end of the Einstein International Year of Physics by developing a ground-breaking theory based on work originated by the great scientist.

20 December 2005

A novel quantum theory developed by University of Queensland researchers has been confirmed by recent experiments at a Nobel Prize-winning lab.

17 May 2004

Love and hate are usually thought to be purely human emotions but new research shows it may be traced, in metaphorical terms of course, to the very core of all things – atoms.

1 August 2003