Fewer commuters are working in the same area as they live, and most continue to drive to work rather than use public transport, according to a study based on the 2016 Australian census.

22 May 2018

The following experts are available to comment to media on issues relating to the Queensland Budget and subsequent developments (expertise areas listed). Journalists can also search for experts on a wide range of topics at UQ Experts.

15 July 2015

A University of Queensland academic is working with the Delhi Fire Service in India as part of research on mapping urban fires.

28 April 2010

University of Queensland researchers are undertaking a world leading study into the prediction and subsequent modelling of urban fires.

27 April 2010

Friday and Saturday between 9pm and 1am are the most common days and times for hoax fire calls, according to a University of Queensland study modelling the State’s urban fires, the first of its kind in Australia.

20 November 2006