Leonie the leopard shark has made a switch that could save her species – becoming the first shark recorded to change from sexual to asexual reproduction.

17 January 2017
Dr Christine Dudgeon (left) and Dr Jennifer Ovenden (right).

A University of Queensland scientist has cautioned against culling sharks because the long term ecological impact cannot be predicted.

18 August 2015

A new scientific study has identified two distinct populations of white shark at the east and west of Bass Strait in Australian waters, prompting researchers to suggest the huge fish may need regional conservation plans.

4 June 2012
Hybrid black tip shark containing both Common and Australian black tip DNA.

A group of leading marine scientists has discovered that sharks on Australia's east coast display a mysterious tendency to interbreed, challenging several accepted scientific theories regarding shark behaviour.

22 December 2011

It may be difficult to believe that a molecular geneticist and a remote sensing specialist would have much in common, but at the University of Queensland they share a bond.

1 May 1997