A donation by the Queensland Friends of the Australian Archaeological Institute in Athens (QFAAIA) has allowed UQ’s RD Milns Antiquities Museum to buy a rare Bronze Age chariot figurine from Greece.

15 November 2018
Earring with Goose, Gold, Hellenistic period, 300 - 100 BC. Purchased from Fragments of Time, Massachusetts, 2008.

The extravagant lifestyle of the Roman Empire will be on show at The University of Queensland from this weekend, in a new exhibition at the RD Milns Antiquities Museum.

7 June 2016
Dr Owen Powell OAM Medical Collection at the RD Milns Antiquities Museum.

A rare Roman medical kit acquired by The University of Queensland’s RD Milns Antiquities Museum is one of the finest and most complete of its type in the world.

25 February 2016
Image: Oinochoe, Terracotta, Cyprus, 700 – 600 BC, Purchased from Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd, London, 1982. Image: Kaylene Biggs.

A new exhibition at The University of Queensland’s RD Milns Antiquities Museum will showcase the rich and fascinating history and archaeology of ancient and modern day Cyprus.

3 June 2015
Peter Hennessey ‘The explanation (Cockpit voice recorder)’ 2014 plywood, ABS plastic and wax 17 x 34 x 20 cm Collection of the artist. Reproduced courtesy of the artist, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne, and GAGPROJECTS/Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide. Photo: Andrew Curtis

Where better to celebrate International Museum Day on Monday 18 May than The University of Queensland which has multiple?

15 May 2015
From left to right, back to front: Professor Paul Young HoS Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, Associate Professor Martin Crotty HoS History Philosophy, Religion and Classics, Associate Professor John Steen UQ Business School, Associate Professor Susan Rowland School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, Dr Janette McWilliam School of History Philosophy, Religion and Classics, Professor Polly Parker UQ Business School and Pro Vice Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) Professor Doune Macdonald

Two University of Queensland lecturers and one teaching program have been named among the country’s best at the 2014 Australian Awards for University Teaching in Canberra last night.

10 December 2014
‘Children in the Ancient World’ is the topic of The University of Queensland’s Ancient History Day on Saturday. Image source: iStock

If you think that smacking a child is bad, then you would have found it confronting to live in ancient times.

27 August 2014
This ancient memorial tablet from a household slave will be part of the display.

Tombstones and other memorials to the dead bring life to some of the more interesting residents of ancient Greece and Rome at an exhibition opening in Brisbane this week.

4 June 2014
The Museum holds the foremost collection of Classical Mediterranean Antiquities in Queensland.

Handling Roman artefacts, trying on ancient Greek clothes and playing Egyptian board-games are just some of the free fun activities The University of Queensland’s RD Milns Antiquities Museum is offering these school holidays.

19 December 2013
2013 UQ Teaching and Learning award winners: Dr Craig Engstrom, Dr Jessica Gallagher, Dr Susan Rowland, Dr Janette McWilliam Front Row, Monica Taylor, Associate Professor Polly Parker, Dr April Wright and Dr Neil Cottrell.

A group of outstanding teachers has been recognised at The University of Queensland's 2013 UQ Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and Internationalisation ceremony last night.

29 October 2013
David Andersen will graduate valedictorian at the Arts and Humanities graduation ceremony at The University of Queensland on Friday.

Tomorrow, Petrie-born David Andersen will graduate valedictorian at the Arts and Humanities graduation ceremony at The University of Queensland.

18 July 2013

The University of Queensland’s R.D. Milns Antiquities Museum will throw its doors open for Wine, Cheese and Ancient Art on 14 June.

13 June 2013
A 2400-year old Egyptian mummy mask remains one of the RD Milns Antiquities Museum's most popular attractions.

Over 50 years, what began as a cluster of artefacts in a professor's room has grown into Queensland's greatest collection of classical Mediterranean antiquities.

11 February 2013

Staff in UQ’s School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics are using the lure of foreign countries to make the past come alive.

9 November 2012

The relevance of the modern Olympic Games – from war truces to the celebration of athletes - will come under scrutiny at a meeting of Olympic scholars that starts today.

6 July 2012
Manager James Donaldson in the new “atmospheric” and accessible RD Milns Antiquities Museum.

A more “atmospheric” museum space in a busy part of campus is expected to attract more visitors than ever to the university’s collection of ancient relics.

23 March 2012