Visits from a best-selling author, a Nobel prize-winning science writer and more have been made possible by The University of Queensland at this year’s Brisbane Writers Festival.

29 August 2012

A UQ Business School lecturer renowned for her research into customer service has won two top industry awards underlining her role as one of Australasia’s leading marketing experts.

24 January 2012

UQ Business School will showcase research talent at the annual Research Students' Colloquium on Monday, July 20.

13 July 2009

More than 120 people were glued to their seats on Friday as UQ Business School’s research students shared their findings with fellow students and staff.

12 June 2008

The Queensland government has awarded one of three grants to UQ Business School’s PhD candidate Sandeep Salunke.

18 January 2007

Christmas shopping has a reputation for being a nightmare for consumers, but the latest research from The University of Queensland reveals that retail staff may be the ones to face the brunt of the ordeal.

18 December 2006

Professor Roland T Rust believes the central elements of brand management – developed for goods-centred economies – must be updated and rethought for the new service-centred economy.

30 June 2006

Industry experts and academics will address emerging services management and marketing issues at the Frontiers in Service Conference at the UQ Business School from Friday 30 June.

8 June 2006

New findings from a UQ study show that many professional service firms are still behind the eight-ball when it comes to marketing.

17 February 2006

Customer rage is an increasing problem in Australia, according to a UQ led study.

21 November 2005

Breakthrough University of Queensland research has pinpointed the triggers of consumer anger when service failure occurs, helping business come to grips with customer gripes.

6 June 2004

A new University of Queensland PhD study is shedding light on how baby boomers approach financial planning decisions.

15 December 2003

The University of Queensland will host Australia's first international services marketing conference from April 5 to 7 featuring some of Australia's and the world's leading academics in the area.

19 March 1999