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30 September 2013

Eight researchers and two research supervisors working across a range of disciplines were celebrated at a University of Queensland awards ceremony tonight.

17 September 2013

As the 2014-2018 Anzac Centenary approaches, University of Queensland (UQ) researchers are exploring how Anzac museum and heritage experiences can help Australians develop a sense of national identity.

23 April 2013

Researchers at The University of Queensland (UQ) School of Tourism have developed a tool to gauge the “visitor experience” to allow Australia’s tourism industry to improve in quality and profitability.

16 July 2012

New research suggests that major growth in the travel, leisure and tourism industry in the coming century may be possible as more people begin to define recreation as a learning and educational opportunity

1 February 2012
A UQ research project aims to understand the ANZAC spirit in the 21st century

People who have an interest in the ANZAC tradition including those who have made a pilgrimage to Gallipoli are invited to take part in a new UQ research project.

6 June 2011
Screamfeeder perform at the Pig City concert staged at UQ in 2007

Attending music festivals could have a positive impact on the psychological and social well-being of young adults, according to UQ researchers.

3 May 2011

UQ’s School of Tourism is helping early career researchers to reach their potential with the creation of a new mentoring scheme.

11 June 2010

If you want people to care about the environment, give them a close call with a whale, turtle or dolphin. That is what researchers have found at The University of Queensland.

10 November 2009

The University of Queensland’s School of Tourism has become a sought-after destination in its own right.

2 October 2009

Tourists who see pandas at China’s leading panda zoos consider it a spiritual experience but are unsure how they can help conserve them, a UQ tourism study has found.

23 June 2008

Dr Jan Packer from UQ's School of Tourism is looking at ways city dwellers can get away from it all and relax without having to leave the CBD.

13 August 2007