A gingerbread man underneath a spirit level.

University of Queensland researchers are conducting the Queensland trial of a new treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) using an amino acid supplement.

23 November 2018

University of Queensland experts are available to comment during Queensland Seniors Week, August 18 to August 26. Journalists can contact the experts below or search by topic or name at UQ Experts.

14 August 2018
The study is testing  nutrients as mood-elevators, including tryptophan, folic acid, omega-3 and zinc.

Nutrients commonly found in spinach, elk, oysters and crab and the positive effects they may have on people with clinical depression are the focus of a world-first University of Queensland study.

7 August 2015

A trip to the stunning shores of the Torres Strait Islands has reinforced the need to make a difference to dementia sufferers in even the remotest of locations.

7 April 2015
Doctors are ill-equipped to determine financial capacity of elderly.

Doctors need improved tools to test the capacity of elderly patients to manage their finances, University of Queensland research shows.

2 February 2015

Australian researchers have identified lifestyle factors that impair women’s brain performance as early as age 45.

18 December 2013

With an ageing population and the competing interests of the individual, the family, service providers, the market and the state in the use of older people’s financial assets, protection and quality management of such assets has never been more...

17 September 2012

University of Queensland researchers have called for urgent action following a study that reveals older Australians are being over prescribed psychotropic drugs, resulting in serious safety and cost concerns.

18 August 2011

A new nation-wide study will test whether physical activity can improve the memory and wellbeing of sufferers of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

20 April 2010

The Visiting Nursing Service of New York will trial the Geriatric Anxiety Inventory (GAI), developed at The University of Queensland (UQ), with older people it provides care to in the Greater New York area.

30 March 2010

UQ and Alzheimer's Australia (Qld) will work together to reduce the impact of dementia after signing a new Memorandum of Understanding recently.

19 January 2010

A new University of Queensland scholarship will help shed light on the most challenging form of depression.

17 October 2008

With Australia’s ageing population, diseases like dementia are on the rise. And, thanks to $1.7 million in recent grants, The University of Queensland will be at the forefront of research dealing with a range of dementia-related issues.

2 April 2008

UQ researchers are examining a possible link between a history of depression and anxiety and the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, later in life.

8 December 2006

A new research unit specialising in Alzheimer`s Disease and related disorders will be established in Queensland.

14 March 2006

Alzheimer’s sufferers are having their DNA measured and behaviour monitored to pinpoint who is most at risk from developing behaviour problems from dementia.

24 March 2004

A unique study into the prevalence of drug abuse among people being arrested has found some surprising revelations that could have implications for police and the community at large.

17 December 2003

Diagnosing the onset of early dementia could be as easy as a 30-minute chat with a computer using a program being developed by The University of Queensland.

3 June 2003

The Department of Psychiatry at The University of Queensland is conducting a six month clinical trial of a new medication that may help people with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease.

22 August 2000

Volunteers from 41 to 95 years of age with memory problems that may herald Alzheimers disease are still needed for a University of Queensland study.

25 August 1997