An academic paper involving University of Queensland authors has been retracted after the researchers found errors in the computer code used to analyse some of the data.

12 April 2018
The research suggests that humans' experiences early in life may affect their brain activity later. iStockphoto.

It’s said to be a “lightbulb” moment – when an idea pops into your head. The adult human brain often displays this kind of spontaneous activity – and UQ experts have uncovered how different early-life experiences can affect the nature of that...

4 August 2017
Molecules in the human body behave like sheep at a gate -- sometimes lots go through, sometimes they don't

University of Queensland researchers have taken a big step toward understanding the movement of molecules in the human body.

25 August 2016

A new mathematical model predicting how nerve fibres make connections during brain development could aid understanding of how some cognitive disorders occur.

9 May 2012

An undergraduate student at The University of Queensland is packing her bags for a trip to Germany after winning a coveted international Award.

2 August 2011

Computational neuroscientists at the Queensland Brain Institute have done the sums – and found that a mathematical model could help improve the understanding of developmental disorders.

15 September 2010

Scientists at the Queensland Brain Institute have uncovered a vital clue into how the brain is wired, which could eventually steer research into nervous system disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and cognitive disorders including autism.

28 February 2010
UQ neuroscientist Associate Professor Geoffrey Goodhill is running a workshop to attract more young people to brain research

Twenty-four of Australia’s most talented undergraduate and postgraduate students are coming to UQ this week for a unique course about modelling the brain.

18 February 2009

Queensland Brain Institute neuroscientists from The University of Queensland will visit Shanghai this week to formalise a growing relationship between QBI and the Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Neuroscience.

9 October 2006

UQ scientists will use a $3.3 million grant to build a new generation of robots that can learn about their physical spaces based on animal navigation skills.

26 July 2006