Brenda L. Croft  Self–portrait on country (Wave Hill), 24 June 2014

Fifty-one years after the historic Wave Hill Walk-Off sparked the national land rights movement, an exhibition exploring the event is on show at the UQ Art Museum.

8 August 2017

The Australian Research Council has awarded 14 new Future Fellowships to University of Queensland researchers.

5 June 2017
Two young men in Minyerri (faces not shown) participating in a UQ research project (looking at dialectal variation in Kriol)

University of Queensland linguists will join Aboriginal language experts in Katherine in the Northern Territory next week to workshop Australia’s largest newly adopted language – Kriol.

6 June 2016
Cassandra Algy demonstrates using QR codes to hear audio of the Gurindji text in the Kawarla book.

As many Indigenous languages lose their speakers, a researcher from The University of Queensland has developed a unique audio book to keep the words alive for generations to come.

19 June 2015
Indigenous youth are creating new languages, something that is very rare across the globe. Flickr/Rusty Stewart, CC BY-SA

By now we know that traditional Indigenous languages are losing speakers rapidly and tragically. Of the 250 languages once spoken in Australia, only 40 remain and just 18 of these are still learnt by children. But if children in remote Indigenous...

29 October 2014
Sylvia Inverway and her daughters reading the new book with one of the authors Violet Wadrill (Photo: Penny Smith)

A bilingual print dictionary Gurindji to English Dictionary will be launched at Freedom Day celebrations at Kalkaringi, Northern Territory, on 23 August.

15 August 2013

Researchers, teachers and students passionate about preserving, promoting and understanding Aboriginal languages met at a UQ-hosted conference recently.

26 April 2012
UQ linguistics researcher Dr Felicity Meakins with Gurindji woman Violet Wadrill Nanaku

As the number of Aboriginal languages dwindles, UQ researchers are intensifying their studies to protect and document those that remain.

2 September 2011

University of Queensland postgraduates and staff are behind a new Internet journal to be launched at The Hub Internet Cafe, 125 Margaret St, Brisbane on Thursday July 23 at 5.30 pm.

22 July 1998