A bird stands on the shore.

Research has shown that international cooperation has been critical in protecting migratory shorebirds in the Asia Pacific, but ongoing challenges exist.

21 February 2019

Whether it’s working with Indigenous communities or protecting wildlife in China, Harrison ‘Harry’ James has been tackling pressing environmental problems.

13 December 2018

University of Queensland researchers will develop a program to help improve the livelihoods of farmers in the Pacific islands by tackling problems caused by pests and crop diseases.

10 August 2018
Cross section of a cystic kidney - Maria Rondon Galeano, UQ IMB

A new gene behind a rare form of inherited childhood kidney disease has been identified by a global research team.

23 May 2017

A University of Queensland-led study involving researchers from three continents has found habitat destruction still far outstrips habitat protection across many parts of the planet.

7 December 2016
From left: Shona Wood, Emy Huntsman, Dominique Fraser, Mikaya Ivanov, Declan Scott.

They may be graduating from The University of Queensland next week, but five valedictorians are already proving themselves to be change-makers off-campus.

17 July 2015
Gemini North observatory, on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, shoots a laser beam into the night sky to create an ‘artificial star’.

A supermassive black hole discovered in an ultracompact dwarf galaxy has prompted researchers to question if similar massive light-sucking objects may be far more common than previously believed.

18 September 2014
Chief Justice of Queensland Paul de Jersey AC presents the Dr MHM Kidwai Memorial Prize to UQ law student Tegan Stockdale.

UQ law students have been awarded for their exceptional academic performance, in areas from environmental law to criminal procedure.

23 May 2012

A floriculturist and an active group of university staff have won The University of Queensland’s, Vice-Chancellor’s Equity and Diversity Awards.

13 May 2005

The University of Queensland will hold a convocation event on Friday, March 17 at 7.30pm at the Westin Stamford and Westin Plaza Hotel, Singapore to acknowledge achievements of new graduates in the presence of alumni, family and friends.

14 March 2000