The University of Queensland has launched its first 100 per cent online master’s degree on global platform edX, giving students the ability to study when and where they want at a significantly lower cost than an on-campus degree.

15 October 2018
Mining equipment underground

The University of Queensland has ranked first in the world for Mining and Mineral Engineering in global subject rankings released today.

18 July 2018

Employee exchange programs, interpersonal training and wellness programs are the key to enhancing employee engagement, according to students at The University of Queensland.

15 November 2011

Job security, flexible hours, and relaxed rules about mobile phone use at work are what Gen Y staff members want from their employers, according to University of Queensland research.

31 March 2011

The University of Queensland’s School of Tourism is doing its bit to help ensure developing countries are not left behind as the world economy evolves.

17 September 2010

Australians should visit Chile once the worst of the clean-up is completed from last weekend’s earthquake, an expert on disaster management and recovery tourism from The University of Queensland says.

5 March 2010

South America has been labelled "the next frontier" for research, student recruitment and tourism partnerships, with academics from The University of Queensland at the forefront of the trend.

29 January 2010

Going green may be a bigger – and more important - challenge for the hospitality industry than winning back customers when the economy improves, a leading academic and consultant from The University of Queensland says.

26 November 2009
David Solnet

Savvy tourism operators are using the economic downturn to rise above their competitors.

28 August 2009

This week Dr David Solnet – with a select group of restaurant industry leaders, academics and government officials – celebrated an important achievement, the award of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from The University of Queensland.

18 October 2006