Twelve projects at The University of Queensland will share more than $4.69m in funding from the Federal Government’s Australian Research Council Linkage Project grants announced in Canberra today.

15 June 2018

Today is World Wildlife Day. UQ experts available for comment for World Wildlife Day: Journalists are welcome to contact experts listed below directly for interviews and comment.

3 March 2016
Nobbi Dragon.

University of Queensland researchers have found that naturally regrowing woodlands in the subtropics can help to reduce declines in Australia’s reptiles.

10 February 2014
Gum tree

Many of Australia’s iconic eucalypt ecosystems could change beyond recognition due to increased climate stress.

17 December 2013

With up to a billion hectares of wilderness likely to be cleared to feed the world in the coming half century and an area the size of China devoured by cities, leading environmental scientists are urging caution over the extent to which lost...

31 July 2012
The long-term outlook for koalas is grim according to extensive research by the Koala Research Network.

A delegation of scientists from The Koala Research Network (KRN) presented sombre evidence on the fate of the Koala to a senate inquiry in Brisbane this week.

5 May 2011

The University of Queensland topped the nation in the prestigious Australian Research Council Future Fellowships announced today, being awarded 31 fellowships worth a total of more than $22 million.

17 November 2010

Researchers from four Queensland universities, government, industry and interest groups have joined forces to stop the imminent extinction of koalas in South-East Queensland.

8 February 2010

University of Queensland research has received a $44 million boost, thanks to funding announced by the Federal Government today.

26 October 2009

Researchers from the University of Queensland, in partnership with Queensland Museum, are driving an exciting project designed to generate a new conception of Queensland’s cultural and environmental history.

21 April 2008

A University of Queensland scientist has led groundbreaking research which shows that clearing of native vegetation has made recent Australian droughts hotter.

26 October 2007

Koalas have as much to fear from dogs and traffic than just losing their habitat.

14 February 2006

The only koalas to be found in the future may just be those in national parks and zoos if their natural habitats continue to be destroyed at alarming rates, according to University of Queensland researchers.

17 June 2005