A CQMRG organised mine inspection in Central Queensland

The tricky and expensive task of accessing knowledge on rehabilitating and preparing to close mining sites has been eased by a unique online resource developed by University of Queensland scientists and Central Queensland coal mine rehabilitation...

6 April 2017
More than 50 per cent of the new Airbus A350XWB structure, including the fuselage and wings, is made from composite materials

Australian breakthroughs in techniques for welding composite materials are changing the future of aerospace engineering, by cutting aircraft construction time and cost.

2 June 2014

Bond University will lead a national $14 million sports science research project in collaboration with The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute.

31 July 2012
International pharmacy student Shirin Hui Tan with project team leader Jacqueline Bond

Pharmacy students from international backgrounds are learning Australian colloquialisms — as a matter of life and death.

2 November 2011
Pharmatopia: A virtual reality learning resource for pharmacy students.

Pharmacy students at The University of Queensland (UQ) are learning how to how to do drug dosing calculations by working in a three-dimension virtual world.

3 April 2011

BRISBANE - Former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie will be back at the cradle of Australia’s ‘Smart State’ in an honorary capacity at two University of Queensland institutes that he helped found.

14 July 2010

Dad-of-nine Bernie Gaynor will get his Father's Day present early this year when he graduates from the University of Queensland with his Masters of Laws on Thursday, August 26.

12 August 1999