An all-girl team of high school students competing in the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge has consulted with University of Queensland neuroscientists ahead of the national final at the Australian Grand Prix next week.

6 March 2015
Dr Timothy Bredy.

A new study has found the mechanism used by a hidden gene to affect how the brain responds to stressful experiences, in a discovery that could eventually help control anxiety.

26 February 2015
Nerve fibre tips have extremely complex shapes. Image: Zac Pujic.

An analysis of how nerve fibres make vital connections during brain development could aid the understanding of how some cognitive disorders occur.

25 February 2015
The study used data from four independent studies that sampled almost 5000 older people

We count our age in calendar years, but our bodies may not be counting the same way.

6 February 2015

New insights into how nerves cells in the brain maintain efficient communication with each other may help offset the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

6 February 2015
UQ researcher Professor Pankaj Sah of the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of the new journal.

Nature Publishing Group has partnered with The University of Queensland to publish npj Science of Learning, a new open access research journal that will explore the neurobiology of learning in experimental and educational environments.

2 February 2015
UQ scientists have discovered the molecular mechanisms that allow severed nerves to fuse back together.

A small transparent roundworm with the remarkable ability to self-heal may hold the secret to treating nerve injuries in humans.

8 January 2015