Former Innisfail student Emily Pattison won a 2013 scholarship to study Agricultural Science at The University of Queensland while completing Year 12 last year.

The University of Queensland (UQ) is boosting opportunities for students to enrol in its agricultural science and agribusiness studies as demand for skilled workers rises.

16 September 2013
Muhammed Soheil Mazhar ... most avocado bruising happens at the grocery store

Researchers may soon understand more about why avocados are often bruised when they come home from the grocery store.

17 July 2013
Professor Kaye Basford from The University of Queensland

The way we grow rice could help combat worldwide food shortages, says Australia’s new board member on the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI

23 April 2013
Gabrielle Penna showing cattle as part of her show team with Cathedral College Rockhampton

First-year agricultural science student Gabrielle Penna’s time at The University of Queensland is off to a good start after being awarded two scholarships valued at $26,000 over the duration of her program.

19 February 2013
Workshop participants visit a farm to learn about the challenges faced by growers in producing vegetables for market

In a first for Fiji and the South Pacific, a new vegetable research project has been launched to identify strategies to strengthen food production and manufacture in the region.

11 February 2013