The University of Queensland’s School of Tourism is doing its bit to help ensure developing countries are not left behind as the world economy evolves.

17 September 2010

The UQ Business School MBA has ranked in the prestigious list of the world’s top 100 by The Economist for the first time.

17 September 2010

Not all lessons take place in lecture halls and tutorial rooms at The University of Queensland’s School of Tourism.

17 September 2010
The "I HEART UQ" logo

Business students from The University of Queensland’s Ipswich campus have set up their own business to market UQ-themed products and raise money for charity.

15 September 2010
UQ Business School graduate Kalan Douglas

For UQ Business School graduate Kalan Douglas, degrees in business and economics have paved a career path spanning two continents.

13 September 2010
UQ Business School Academic Dean and Head of School, Professor Iain Watson

The Graduate Management Association of Australia (GMAA) has awarded UQ Business School’s MBA five stars for the sixth consecutive year.

8 September 2010
Violet Kim

Violet Kim is tasting success in South Korea thanks to lessons learned in Australia.

3 September 2010
Morgan Graham and Jill Simmons

Wine, chocolate, coffee and cheese are all on the menu for students in one course at The University of Queensland.

2 September 2010

UQ Business School students have proved that business can cross cultural and even geographical lines.

2 September 2010

Making assumptions about culture based on existing research that scores countries according to various dimensions may be a flawed process, according to two academics from The University of Queensland Business School.

2 September 2010

The UQ Powerlifting and Weightlifting Club (UQPWC) enjoyed a successful campaign at last month’s National Open Powerlifting Championships in Melbourne.

23 August 2010
Grace Gao in traditional Chinese costume

Grace Gao is on a mission to help the Chinese city of Suzhou attract tourists without losing the personality which makes it so popular.

19 August 2010

An alumnus of UQ’s TC Beirne School of Law, Dr Kala Mulqueeny, has been named a Yale World Fellow for 2010.

16 August 2010

A research project undertaken by a group of UQ TC Beirne School of Law undergraduate students has exposed the widely believed election myth that boat people are “flooding our borders”.

16 August 2010

Muslim countries are caught between developing their tourism industries and making sure their culture is not eroded in the process, a leading researcher from The University of Queensland says.

13 August 2010
Xu Ping in China

Xu Ping likes pandas so much, she is dedicating her working life to conservation, as both a researcher and an educator.

13 August 2010
Leonie Bowles

When in Spain, do as the Spanish do. It's a principle Leonie Bowles is sticking to, allowing her to immerse herself in the country's history and culture, while learning to speak the language fluently.

13 August 2010

The High Court today upheld a claim that will enable tens of thousands of Australians to vote in the upcoming election.

6 August 2010

Discussion will be rife at The University of Queensland on Friday afternoon, when eight of the nation’s best high school debaters battle it out at the St Lucia campus.

6 August 2010

Three UQ Business School lecturers are proving to be top teachers, having just been awarded a prestigious Australian Teaching and Learning Council (ATLC) Citation.

5 August 2010