Global Change Institute scientists are working with local communities to monitor sea level rise in the Solomon Islands, a region which has experienced some of the highest climate change-related sea level rise in the world. Photo: Dr Javier Leon.

Most of the Earth’s remaining fossil fuels must be left in the ground to avoid disastrous consequences for today’s young people and for future generations, according to research published today.

4 December 2013

Australia’s power system needs a combination of a carbon price supported by direct action incentives aimed at businesses if it is to withstand future supply and price shocks.

21 November 2013
The agreement was signed by UQ President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Høj, and World Bank Director of Operations, Dr Ethel Sennhauser.

The natural wealth of coastlines in the East Asia-Pacific is set to be unlocked for coastal communities, under an agreement between The University of Queensland (UQ) and the World Bank signed in Washington DC today (6 November).

7 November 2013

The world’s seagrass meadows are in trouble – but Australian scientists say early action can save them, even as sea levels rise.

25 September 2013
Dr Kerrie Wilson ... revolutionising approaches to conservation spending

Smart, targeted spending provides more “bang for the buck” in protecting vulnerable species, research by The University of Queensland’s Dr Kerrie Wilson has shown.

6 September 2013

In a landmark study, scientists at The University of Queensland (UQ) have simulated future ocean conditions and found climate change will jeopardise the future of coral reefs.

2 September 2013

A $32 million building which meets the world’s most advanced levels of sustainability was officially opened by Her Excellency Dr Penelope Wensley AC, Governor of Queensland at the University of Queensland (UQ) on Wednesday 28 August.

28 August 2013

A University of Queensland study has identified the ideal tilt and angle for solar panels on Brisbane roofs.

18 July 2013

A shift from coal-fired to gas-fired power generation will not significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions, new research by the Global Change Institute at The University of Queensland has found.

26 June 2013

Leading solar energy pioneer and The University of Queensland’s (UQ) Professor Paul Meredith has received the top honour at this year’s Premier’s Sustainability Awards.

19 June 2013

About 97 per cent of 4000 international scientific papers analysed in a University of Queensland-led study were rated as endorsing human-caused global warming.

8 May 2013
Red knots are one of the species already under pressure. Photo: ROB CLEMENS

Millions of shorebirds and some species could be lost as sea levels rise in coming decades, say UQ scientists who are working as part of an international environmental team.

6 May 2013

The Earth's atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) is about to rise to 400 parts per million (ppm) for the first time in five million years, a scientist at The University of Queensland warned today.

2 May 2013
Robert Mason was awarded the Fulbright Queensland Scholarship.

A Queensland PhD candidate in marine biology has received a prestigious boost to his research on the world’s “critically endangered” coral reef ecosystem.

21 March 2013

Two scientists from The University of Queensland are leading a call to legalise international trade in rhinoceros horn in a bid to save the animals from extinction.

28 February 2013