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23 April 2009
Professor of Clinical Neuroscience, Peter Silburn (right) talks with a patient about to undergo deep brain stimulation, as neurosurgeon, Dr Terry Coyne, implants the microelectrodes that will deliver the treatment.

UQ's foundation Professor of Clinical Neuroscience Peter Silburn really likes looking into people's brains. In fact, with the assistance of neurosurgeon Dr Terry Coyne and a team of researchers, he's been deeper into the human brain than most...

26 March 2009
Market Day last year

Student traffic is getting busier at The University of Queensland's campuses, as the 2009 academic year beckons.

2 February 2009
Professor Lawrence

Australia's first female State Premier and former Federal Health Minister Professor Carmen Lawrence will participate in a lively discussion on different worldviews as part of UQ Diversity Week 2009 celebrations.

20 January 2009