As the 2014-2018 Anzac Centenary approaches, University of Queensland (UQ) researchers are exploring how Anzac museum and heritage experiences can help Australians develop a sense of national identity.

23 April 2013

Some of the many secrets of Stonehenge will be revealed at a public lecture to mark National Archaeology Week at The University of Queensland.

10 April 2013

The University of Queensland is leading the way in meeting new national teaching standards aimed at boosting the quality of graduate teachers.

19 March 2013
UQ's Lucy Tan (left to Prime Minister Julia Gillard) will pursue research into mindfulness for adolescents with mental disorders in Hong Kong after being named one of 20 recipients of a Prime Minister's Endeavour Asia Award.

A University of Queensland researcher has been honoured with a Prime Minister’s Endeavour Asia Award that will expand her research into mindfulness for adolescents with mental health disorders in Hong Kong.

15 March 2013

A leading Australian university will collaborate with one of Indonesia’s largest national universities to examine the way laws and informal processes deal with community conflict in Indonesia.

7 March 2013

Researchers at The University of Queensland (UQ) have designed a relationship education program to help couples combat the stresses of military life.

26 February 2013

Conservatives are happier than liberals because of their strong ties to a large network of social groups, according to a study from The University of Queensland.

11 February 2013

A survey aimed at understanding and improving children's relationships with their siblings is the first step in what will become a new Triple P – Positive Parenting Program.

30 January 2013

Countries intervening in each others’ conflicts, and the problems of delivering aid programs amid domestic crises, are some of the issues explored in a special edition of a leading international relations journal.

24 January 2013

University of Queensland researchers are looking to recruit participants from the Ipswich region to take part in a study exploring community resilience in the wake of the 2011 Queensland floods.

18 January 2013