Dr Chamindie Punyadeera has been awarded a Queensland International Fellowship.

Smoking has cost the lives of people close to Chamindie Punyadeera, pushing her to continue her research to develop saliva-based early diagnostics for cancer.

27 June 2012
Dr Li Li has received a Queensland International Fellowship.

Dr Li Li is building a bridge between researchers in Australia and China as she works to reduce car emissions using high-performance nano-engineering.

27 June 2012

The University of Queensland congratulates 11 researchers named as 2011-2012 Queensland International Fellows.

27 June 2012
Professor Matt Brown (Director of the UQ Diamantina Institute) talks with Professor Ian Frazer (CEO of the TRI) and Premier Anna Bligh about UQDI’s state-of-the-art genomics facilities

The vision of a specialised centre to better understand and treat head and neck cancers will come to fruition — thanks to $15 million funding from Atlantic Philanthropies, the Queensland Government and the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

9 March 2012
State Councillor and Chinese Vice-Premier Liu Yandong congratulated Professor Lu in Beijing

CHINESE state leaders have presented The University of Queensland’s Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Max Lu, with a prestigious science and technology award.

16 February 2012