Emma McMillan feeds a tiny bandicoot joey.

Veterinary Science student Emma McMillan is celebrating two milestones at her graduation ceremony at the University of Queensland’s Gatton Campus tomorrow.

17 December 2014
A lifelong pursuit of knowledge and love of humour and the Aboriginal identity have cumulated in a PhD for graduand Pearl Duncan.

A lifelong pursuit of knowledge and love of humour and the Aboriginal identity have cumulated in a PhD for University of Queensland graduand Pearl Duncan.

15 December 2014
The green tree frog (Litoria caerulea) is an ectotherm which relies on the external environment to regulate its body temperature. Photo: Ed Meyer

Animals that regulate their body temperature through the external environment may be resilient to some climate change but not keep pace with rapid change, leading to potentially disastrous outcomes for biodiversity.

10 December 2014
Above: UQ’s Geographical Sciences PhD student Joshua Soderholm and his team are using Australia’s first mobile weather radar station to investigate some of Australia's most powerful summer storms.

Australia’s first mobile weather radar has been enlisted by University of Queensland researchers to track some of the country’s most dangerous summer storms. In a bid to improve the accuracy of storm forecasting, UQ’s Geographical Sciences PhD...

1 December 2014
Coral is threatened by rising sea temperatures

A decision by G20 leaders to discuss climate change at their meeting in Brisbane this week is good news for the Great Barrier Reef, researchers say.

11 November 2014

Something strange is happening within the world-famous pitch drop experiment with the latest drop forming much faster than the last couple of drops. There have been nine drops so far and all attention is now on trying to observe the tenth,...

10 November 2014
UQ researchers have uncovered the secrets of the monarch butterfly’s distinct orange colour.

A gene responsible for building muscle tissue in monarch butterflies is the key to their annual mass migration, according to a study from an international team of researchers.

7 October 2014
James Watson ... with a critically endangered mountain gorilla in east Africa.

Australia has a stronger voice in conservation, with the election of Associate Professor James Watson as president of the Society for Conservation Biology.

1 October 2014
UQ Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Peter Høj, left, with ICAR Additional Secretary Arvind Kaushal.

The University of Queensland (UQ) has strengthened its relationship with the Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in India on Friday 5 September.

5 September 2014
Queensland would escape a devastating tsunami but our southern neighbours could be at risk. Image source: iStock

Queensland is relatively safe from the threat of a devastating tsunami but our southern neighbours on the east coast may not be so lucky, a recent study has found.

27 August 2014
An artist’s impression of a ring of interacting absorbers tuned correctly to absorb light particles (photons) at much faster rate than any one absorber alone.(c) 2014 Simon Benjamin

An international team of theoretical quantum physicists is working on a way of absorbing light and storing it as energy.

22 August 2014

Beef producers could soon benefit from a protein-rich and sustainable livestock feed supplement in the form of microalgae.

19 August 2014

Scientists are calling for a better understanding of regional climates, after research into New Zealand's glaciers has revealed climate change in the Northern Hemisphere does not directly affect the climate in the Southern Hemisphere.

4 August 2014
Bachelor of Biotechnology student and science valedictorian Lawrence Wong graduates on Tuesday 22 July.

More than 40,000 people have now shared the TEDxUQ experience, thanks to the vision of graduating University of Queensland science student Lawrence Kurniawan Wong.

21 July 2014
A 3D digital representation of one of the Lark Quarry ornithopod tracks. Source: Anthony Romilio, UQ.

Dinosaur footprints in Central Queensland’s Lark Quarry were not all caused by a dinosaur stampede, as previously thought.

9 July 2014
CAPTION: A live Porites colony, left, and a dead Porites sampled in this study.

The Great Barrier Reef is at greater risk than ever from severe weather events, and University of Queensland researchers predict an increase in coral death this summer.

4 July 2014
Chains of the human pathogenic bacterium Streptococcus pyogenes. Nina van Sorge and Victor Nizet

Researchers are one step closer to developing a safe vaccine against strep throat, which is responsible for more than 700 million infections and 500,000 deaths each year.

26 June 2014
More than 40,000 people visit Antarctica each year

Antarctica’s ice-free areas – home to most of the continent’s biodiversity – need better protection from human impact, says a group of Australian environmental scientists.

18 June 2014
The only previously known specimens of the 'big-ear bat' were collected by an Italian scientist in 1890

A bat species native to Papua New Guinea and thought to be extinct has been rediscovered by a team of University of Queensland researchers.

4 June 2014
The research aims to extract a high-value “healthy” sugar from sorghum

A joint project between Queensland and Chinese researchers to derive sugars from sorghum could result in extraordinary social, economic and environmental benefits for future generations.

3 June 2014