People want a holiday experience they can talk about at a dinner party rather than just another gadget – and tourism marketers need to make the most of this, a researcher from The University of Queensland says.

27 November 2009

Going green may be a bigger – and more important - challenge for the hospitality industry than winning back customers when the economy improves, a leading academic and consultant from The University of Queensland says.

26 November 2009
UQ graduate, Tim Quirey, has published two books and is currently writing his third.

Despite the chagrin of local milkos everywhere, milk crates continue to inspire possibility, and provide much needed furniture, for uni students around the world.

25 November 2009

Brisbane may be 2000 years and half-a-world away from Pompeii, but it hasn’t stopped a UQ archaeologist from digging up some hidden treasures.

25 November 2009
Madeline Veenstra

Fashions may come and go but UQ Journalism/Economics graduate Madeline Veenstra hopes she may be able to keep the trends alive in the online world.

24 November 2009

Five students from UQ’s TC Beirne School of Law are involved in a world-wide project organised by Advocates for International Development (A4ID), a UK-based legal group committed to international pro bono work.

16 November 2009

Two TC Beirne School of Law students have been selected to take part in an eight-week internship program with politicians in the USA and leave for Washington DC in December.

12 November 2009

If you want people to care about the environment, give them a close call with a whale, turtle or dolphin. That is what researchers have found at The University of Queensland.

10 November 2009

The University of Queensland has honoured its outstanding teachers and education programs at its 9th UQ Excellence in Teaching & Learning Awards at Customs House tonight.

2 November 2009

Research by a UQ law academic indicates that giving more power to Australia’s states and territories would be a better way to address Australia’s federal problems than simply increasing the power of the Commonwealth

30 October 2009

Tourism and extreme sports appear to have little to do with each other, but researchers at The University of Queensland are hoping to change that.

29 October 2009

Romance and indulgence could be among the keys to enticing Brisbane people to spend a night in Ipswich, a study from The University of Queensland has found.

23 October 2009

Collaboration is the key to sustained tourism growth in the Scenic Rim, a University of Queensland study has found.

20 October 2009
Dr Chris Lukey, Chief Technical Officer ToughSkin

A second skin for mining tunnels and water pipes could see ToughSkin take top position in the 2009 UQ Business School Enterprize competition, to be decided this afternoon at The University of Queensland's St Lucia campus.

16 October 2009

Providing shelter this fire season might soon be a reality for Encase, when the team compete for $100,000 in the UQBS Enterprize competition this afternoon at the UQ campus at St Lucia.

16 October 2009

Nostalgia and imagination are attracting people to a new niche market in tourism, but cold hard facts and plenty of analysis is what has helped two researchers from The University of Queensland write about the phenomenon with considerable success.

15 October 2009
The CoolMe vest as worn under Fire and Rescue turnout gear

Emergency workers, sportspeople, and miners are set to benefit from an innovative personal cooling system should GRW Industries win the UQ Business School Enterprize competition.

14 October 2009
Oscar Dunens of Oak Carbon

Super-strong carbon nanotubes could snag Oak Carbon $100,000 in the 2009 UQ Business School Enterprize competition.

14 October 2009

Three business ideas hoping to score $100,000 at UQ Business School’s Enterprize Pitch Day on Friday could save lives if they can be successfully commercialised.

12 October 2009

One of the world’s leading maritime law experts will investigate how the ratification of the Rotterdam Rules 2009 could affect Australia’s import and export trade.

12 October 2009