Dr Noritta Morseu-Diop is the first Torres Strait Islander PhD graduate from The University of Queensland. Photo courtesy of The Courier-Mail.

When Dr Noritta Morseu-Diop is awarded her degree today she will become the first Torres Strait Islander PhD graduate from The University of Queensland (UQ).

13 December 2010
Selena Uibo

For UQ graduand Selena Uibo, giving back is her driving force.

13 December 2010
Professor Ian Lilley, “UQ’s Indiana Jones”.

A passion for researching early human settlements has taken archaeologist Professor Ian Lilley to some of the world’s most remote regions, and led to him being dubbed “UQ’s Indiana Jones”.

29 November 2010

A unique project established at The University of Queensland is helping to educate non-Indigenous Journalism students about Aboriginal and Islander cultures and also to explore ways to open the education system to Indigenous people.

2 November 2010
Professor Matt Sanders

Minister for Child Safety, the Honourable Phil Reeves, has launched a new initiative designed to strengthen and nurture Indigenous families.

12 October 2010
Crocodile (detail) by unknown artist (1958). Ochres and resin on wood. Collection of The University of Queensland Anthropology Museum

The University of Queensland Art Museum will be swimming with crocodiles, sharks and the odd dugong for its next exhibition, and you’re encouraged to dive in for the experience.

24 August 2010
Doctor of Psychology student Katherine Williams, who was interviewed as part of the project

Closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous participation in postgraduate study is the aim of a recently launched UQ website.

21 July 2010

A new UQ report, launched by The Honourable Justice Margaret McMurdo AC, has found that there is no coherent system in place for proof or pleading of Indigenous customary law in Queensland and this forms a barrier for those relying on these laws in...

20 July 2010

The University of Queensland’s decades-long links with an Indigenous group, the Mornington Island Dancers, were strengthened when the group re-visited St Lucia campus recently.

7 July 2010

In a first for The University of Queensland School of Journalism and Communication Indigenous Voice project, student stories are being broadcast across the United States on the National Native News radio program.

7 July 2010
Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Greenfield . . . UQ will always be the people's university

The University of Queensland scooped the pool when Premier Anna Bligh announced the prestigious Queensland Greats Awards today.

3 June 2010
Students Jocelyn Farebrothere, Joel Wright and Tess Millerick participate in group work with lecturer Dr Katelyn Barney

By setting group work and encouraging deep thinking, UQ’s Dr Liz Mackinlay and Dr Katelyn Barney hope to implement reconciliation in a practical way.

28 May 2010
Heather Stewart and Michael Williams, joint winners of the Vice-Chancellor’s Equity and Diversity Award

A project which has attracted international University interest in advancing appropriate representation of Indigenous peoples and issues through the student learning experience is this year’s main prize winner in the 2010 UQ Vice-Chancellor’s Equity...

27 May 2010

UQ and The University of Auckland architecture students have gained deep insights into the unique issues of Indigenous people in Australia and New Zealand thanks to a new exchange program.

25 May 2010
James Hudson in the UQ Antiquities Museum with the 2400-year-old Egyptian mummy mask he voted for in the Treasures competition

A 2400-YEAR-OLD Egyptian mummy mask has brought good luck to an eight-year-old Brisbane boy, who is now the proud owner of a valuable contemporary artwork.

21 May 2010

Mainstream and Indigenous media outlets have called for more Indigenous journalists to improve the coverage of Indigenous issues.

4 May 2010

Students from Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Education in the Northern Territory have made history participating in a broadcast technical training workshop at The University of Queensland’s School of Journalism and Communication.

4 May 2010
Journalisim students Kim Smith and Adam Evans interview Brenda Nadjiwan at World Press Freedom Day

UQ students will take advantage of a rare opportunity to speak with and learn from world-renowned journalists when they cover World Press Freedom Day, held at the St Lucia campus from May 1-3.

30 April 2010
UQ Centenary Oration Series: Jack Manning Bancroft

Teenagers needed to strip away years of conditioning from negative stereotypes to learn that being Aboriginal and successful was possible, a young indigenous leader told an audience in Brisbane last night.

22 April 2010

SBS News Head Paul Cutler will provide a keynote address at the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day Indigenous Voice Closing the Gap Forum on May 1 at The University of Queensland in Brisbane.

13 April 2010