Professor Craig Franklin measuring pH in a tributary of the Wenlock River, on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in northern Queensland.

Scientists have been startled to discover unique ecosystems of fauna and flora thriving around highly acidic springs in far north Queensland.

21 December 2010
David LaMotte. Image: Johnno Chen

Recent UQ graduate and former Rotary World Peace Fellow David LaMotte has been appointed to a prestigious committee that selects Nobel Peace Prize nominees.

21 December 2010
Jonathan Wei

UQ’s bike racks are soon-to-become the most sought after parking spots on campus, thanks to a design competition run through UQ’s Property and Facilities Division (P&F) recently.

16 December 2010
TransLink representative Jessica Brown helps Bachelor of Science student Joshua Horsley use the machine

The commute to and from UQ St Lucia has been made a little easier, with a go card fare machine switched on at the Chancellor’s Place bus stop this morning.

13 December 2010
Norman Rieder with his mum on graduation day

For Paraguayan rockstar Norman Rieder, arriving at the Gatton campus as an international student was a bit of a culture shock.

10 December 2010
Honours Student, Mirta Zupan, working on the new CCM aquaria. Photo by Dr David Kline.

In a world first, a new ‘state of the art’ climate change experimental facility has been completed at the University of Queensland’s (UQ) Heron Island Research Station.

7 December 2010

The environmental scientist whose work on dioxins last year prompted governments around the world to suspend the use of some pesticides says there is more to the problem and authorities need to act urgently.

6 December 2010

The University of Queensland’s (UQ) new Native Wildlife Teaching and Research Facility will provide a valuable research and training facility at UQ’s Gatton campus.

6 December 2010
Dr Annette Dexter

Toowong researcher Dr Annette Dexter walks the talk, literally.

29 November 2010

The University of Queensland’s (UQ) Green Office Program celebrated the recruitment of its 100th staff representative and the sign-up of its 100th office at a celebratory lunch this week.

25 November 2010

New research highlighting coastal locations where coral can better withstand rising sea temperatures, a leading cause of stress to coral reefs, may guide efforts to conserve the largest living structures on Earth.

24 November 2010

Australian marine scientists have expressed disquiet over the continued worldwide spread of large, dead zones in the ocean.

24 November 2010

The Global Change Institute small grant recipients for 2010 have been announced and illustrate the breadth and depth of research activities at The University of Queensland.

22 November 2010

Leading scientists and marine managers have called for a greater national effort to protect vital 1000-kilometre stretches in the middle of Australia’s eastern and western coastlines.

22 November 2010

UQ's Moreton Bay Research Station is inviting the public to celebrate its Open Day - free, family-friendly event - tomorrow, November 20.

19 November 2010

A new malaria study by UQ scientists challenges World Health Organisation guidelines for using DDT chemical spray to kill mosquitoes.

18 November 2010

The next Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC is to be held at the end of this year in Cancun, Mexico.

17 November 2010
Dr Lexa Grutter

UQ research has found fish have developed their own mosquito nets in order to get a good night’s sleep.

16 November 2010
Associate Professor Peer Schenk inspects new algae strains

An Australian biodiesel company and a UQ student research group have teamed up to produce green energy.

12 November 2010

The Global Change Institute at The University of Queensland will host renowned scientist and author, Professor Naomi Oreskes, on November 16, for the Brisbane leg of her Australian tour.

10 November 2010