Dr David Jordan and Dr Emma Mace are part of a Queensland scientific team which has mapped the entire genome sequences of 44 sorghum lines

A consortium of Australian and Chinese researchers has discovered that sorghum, Africa's most widespread crop, contains vastly more genetic variation than previously realised.

28 August 2013
The University of Queensland’s Dr Lee Hickey and research team have discovered a gene that provides resistance to leaf rust in some barley variety adult plants.

An international study led by a Queensland scientist has found a way to better safeguard the world’s beer supplies.

5 August 2013
Dr Craig Hardner with a macadamia tree in Hawaii

A scientist from UQ's Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) has set out to re-trace the steps of a 19th century naval captain who kick-started the international macadamia industry.

30 May 2013
Samoan farmers from Vaiee village, Upolu island, alongside the widely-grown and exported red taro variety.

Australian research into the ‘best’ varieties of taro could open new markets and create greater food security in the Pacific region says a University of Queensland scientist.

23 May 2013