UQ scientists have been awarded four of the six 2012 Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science Awards to benefit the community, announced tonight.

26 November 2012

The University of Queensland's School of Political Sciences and International Studies will host a symposium on the Politics of Climate Change in Australia on November 28-9.

12 November 2012

A study by a scholar at The University of Queensland reveals that the ‘green revolution’ advertised by the world’s biggest brands and corporations is misleading consumers.

10 October 2012

A modelling study from an international collaboration involving German, Canadian and Australian scientists has concluded that increasing global temperatures to 2 degrees above pre-industrial global temperatures will be too hot for two thirds of the...

16 September 2012

The diverse topics of biofuels and religion will be explored at a public lecture in Brisbane next week.

10 September 2012

Life in the world’s oceans faces far greater change and risk of large-scale extinctions than at any previous time in human history, a team of the world’s leading marine scientists has warned.

21 August 2012

The Australian Research Council has awarded Australian Laureate Fellowships to two of The University of Queensland’s brightest stars – marine biologist Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg and economist Professor John Quiggin.

30 July 2012

Coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific region, including the Great Barrier Reef, recover faster from major stresses than their Caribbean counterparts, leading marine scientists said today.

11 July 2012

John Pandolfi keeps his optimism alive despite the grim scientific evidence he confronts daily that the world’s coral reefs are in a lot of trouble – along with 81 nations and 500 million people who depend on them.

10 July 2012

The cost of transforming the world’s energy systems to address rising carbon dioxide levels is little more than one-tenth of one per cent of growth in global gross domestic product per annum, according to a University of Queensland researcher.

8 July 2012
The 2012 Rotary World Peace Fellows will graduate on July 17.

A soccer coach pursuing peace education through sport, a coffee fanatic from Kansas, and a cowboy with a passion for humanitarian work are among the peace graduates from UQ this July.

25 June 2012

Three figures associated with The University of Queensland have received the highest award in today’s Queen’s Birthday honours list.

11 June 2012

Australia’s influence on international scientific research and innovation was recognised today with ecologist Ove Hoegh-Guldberg of The University of Queensland named one of the world’s top scientists.

30 May 2012

The most accurate estimate to date for the impact of the carbon price on retail electricity prices reveals the burden will vary considerably, depending on a household’s location.

16 April 2012

With aquaculture on track to overtake global fisheries, a new aquaculture book from The University of Queensland will help industry and students look to the future.

13 April 2012

Sea levels have risen about 20cm in the South West Pacific since the late 19th century, a new scientific study shows.

12 April 2012
“The visual nature of the project will also help bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and public awareness,” Professor Hoegh-Guldberg

A pioneering scientific expedition that will document the health of coral on the Great Barrier Reef will be undertaken as a joint venture between global technology giant Google, the UQ Global Change Institute, not-for-profit organisation Underwater...

23 February 2012
State Councillor and Chinese Vice-Premier Liu Yandong congratulated Professor Lu in Beijing

CHINESE state leaders have presented The University of Queensland’s Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Max Lu, with a prestigious science and technology award.

16 February 2012
The magnitude of habitat loss/fragmentation effects were greatest in regions 
with high maximum temperatures

In a world first, University of Queensland and CSIRO scientists have measured the relationship between current climate, climate change and habitat loss on plants and animals on a global scale.

5 January 2012