John Cook: Pipped at the post by a sudoku paper.

A University of Queensland researcher’s work has been ranked 11th in a listing of the world’s top 100 most talked about academic papers of 2013.

16 January 2014
Global Change Institute scientists are working with local communities to monitor sea level rise in the Solomon Islands, a region which has experienced some of the highest climate change-related sea level rise in the world. Photo: Dr Javier Leon.

Most of the Earth’s remaining fossil fuels must be left in the ground to avoid disastrous consequences for today’s young people and for future generations, according to research published today.

4 December 2013

English language version 上海本周碳排放交易开闸,上海行业和政府高级代表接受昆士兰大学所提供的碳排放速成课程。 昆士兰大学博士生Adrian Ward在上海环境能源交易所的工作坊上使用碳博弈CarbonGame) iPad应用程序。...

3 December 2013
Adrian Ward talks to senior industry and government representatives about CarbonGameTM, a real-time simulation designed to engage and inform industry, government and student participants on how emissions trading schemes work, and importantly, how companies go about managing thier emissions under such policies.

As Shanghai commenced its emissions trading scheme this week, senior industry and government representatives were given a crash course in emissions trading by The University of Queensland.

29 November 2013

Australia’s power system needs a combination of a carbon price supported by direct action incentives aimed at businesses if it is to withstand future supply and price shocks.

21 November 2013

In a landmark study, scientists at The University of Queensland (UQ) have simulated future ocean conditions and found climate change will jeopardise the future of coral reefs.

2 September 2013