University of Queensland (UQ) researchers from the Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) will be monitoring and evaluating the impact of the Australian Government’s Dad and Partner Pay.

5 February 2013

UQ criminologist Dr Adrian Cherney is heading a research project aimed at examining the factors influencing government legitimacy following post-conflict reconstruction.

3 October 2012

Covert prejudice and negative perceptions towards minority groups are a significant problem for Australian communities, according to a new Australian study.

7 February 2012
UQ sociologist Dr Mara Yerkes, co-editor of the book The Transformation of Solidarity

The Transformation of Solidarity, a book co-edited by University of Queensland sociologist Dr Mara Yerkes, tackles the subject of globalisation of national economies and societies where we put a high value on individual rights and self-expression.

6 February 2012

A conference hosted by UQ’s Social Research Centre is set to bring together the world’s leaders in the field of international peacekeeping.

30 June 2009