Playing football in Ghana

Playing Djembe and football with some Ghanaian friends was an enjoyable part of Charles Hunt's recent research trip to West Africa.

6 December 2010

Family-friendly workplaces are increasingly on the political agenda – but there are still many issues to address in making this a reality for Australian families.

20 September 2010

Researchers from UQ’s Institute for Social Science Research have found that marriage no longer enjoys the privileged status it once did.

20 September 2010

It’s official: Coalition politicians are less certain than their Labor counterparts that climate change exists and less likely to consider it a serious threat to human existence, a new survey shows.

12 August 2010

A collaborative research team led by Professor Bill Martin of UQ’s Institute for Social Science Research will conduct the Federal Government’s Paid Parental Leave (PPL) scheme evaluation.

7 July 2010

A University of Queensland researcher has received a prestigious Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship to conduct a series of field experiments testing the effectiveness of Third Party policing.

6 July 2010

The University of Queensland is part of a $4 million research partnership to develop evidence to underpin policies aimed at reducing the amount of homeless people in Australia.

21 June 2010

Australian text analytics company, Leximancer Pty Ltd has claimed a huge leap forward in the capability of software to understand what customers are saying.

14 April 2010