A $16 million research centre combining education, psychology and neuroscience to improve learning outcomes was launched at the University of Queensland this week. The Science of Learning Research Centre is an Australian Research Council...

29 November 2013
Dr Jian Yang is one of two recipients of the Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation’s Senior Medical Research Fellowship.

A University of Queensland researcher has been awarded $1.2 million to unlock the genetic underpinning of thousands of diseases, including schizophrenia, Motor Neuron Disease (MND) and cancer.

5 November 2013

The influence of genes on body mass index scores is substantially lower than previously thought, researchers at The University of Queensland have found.

31 October 2013

University of Queensland (UQ) scientists have made a fundamental breakthrough into how the brain decodes the visual world.

30 October 2013

Scientists at The University of Queensland (UQ) have discovered how the honeybee can land anywhere with utmost precision and grace – and the knowledge may soon help build incredible robot aircraft.

29 October 2013

A team of international scientists is one step closer to understanding neurodegenerative diseases after developing a tool to explore how nerve cells become damaged.

25 October 2013

Research designed to help patients with cancer, schizophrenia, stroke and depression features among projects that were today awarded new funding at The University of Queensland.

23 October 2013
Beverley Trivett ... important progress made in brain research but we still don’t understand why people develop these dreadful tumours and why they grow so rapidly

After years of losing patients to brain tumours — despite having access to the best of modern medicine — a Brisbane neurosurgeon has had enough.

15 October 2013
Brain Bee winner Jackson Huang.

Queenslander Jackson Huang has been named the International Brain Bee Champion.

26 September 2013
Study participants were shown pictures designed to elicit an emotional response, positive, negative or neutral, and some scenes of "attack and threat"

Bad experiences enhance memory formation about places, scientists at The University of Queensland have found.

25 September 2013
Professor Maree Smith . . . has two game-changing pain therapies close to being available on the global market

A vaccine against cervical cancer, a global parenting program, new forms of pain relief, better yielding crops and improved medical imaging are some of many high-impact outcomes of University of Queensland research.

19 September 2013

University of Queensland (UQ) scientists are harnessing honeybee flight secrets to develop insect-sized robot aircraft.

11 September 2013
Jackson Huang, from the Gold Coast, will compete in the International Brain Bee in Austria this month.

Australia's 'brainiest' student, Jackson Huang from the Gold Coast, will compete in the International Brain Bee Competition (IBB) in Austria next month.

2 September 2013

A $3.75 million investment in research at the University of Queensland (UQ) will advance innovative work on the link between vitamin D and mental health.

19 August 2013

University of Queensland researchers are at the forefront of a ground-breaking study that has found people susceptible to psychiatric disorders such as depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder have underlying genetic similarities.

12 August 2013

University of Queensland (UQ) researchers have found human brains ‘divide and conquer’ when people learn to navigate around new environments.

18 July 2013

The 2011 Brisbane floods barely put a dint in Ramesh Krishnan Narayanan’s Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Neuroscience research, despite the fact he was displaced from his home for almost six weeks.

17 July 2013

Nobel Award-winning scientist, Laureate Professor and UQ Alumni Peter Doherty returned to his alma mater this week to highlight the importance of philanthropy with guests at the annual Peter Goodenough Memorial Lecture.

19 June 2013

Somerville House student Eva Wang has been named the state’s brain champion at The University of Queensland's Queensland Brain Institute competition, today.

18 June 2013

Almost 150 aspiring neuroscientists from across Queensland will compete in the state finals of the Australian Brain Bee Challenge at the at The University of Queensland on Tuesday June 18.

17 June 2013