Professor Michael Yu is working on revolutionary termiticide products

Challenges of a modern Australia – ranging from melanoma, to termites, to degenerative disorders, reef protection and food provision – are in the sights of six UQ projects to share $4.2 million in State Government funding.

20 October 2017
Queensland is responsible for 50 per cent of Australia’s high-value avocado crop

A method of supplying 500 times more avocado plants to industry than is currently possible has been invented by UQ researchers.

23 August 2017
Professor Serra-Majem

A leading advocate of the Mediterranean diet will discuss challenges for the diet’s uptake among millennials at the University of Queensland-hosted TropAg conference.

20 July 2017
Brahman cattle grazing on an Australian property

Increasing fertility in cows, building better computers for aerospace, more accurately predicting land values, and revolutionising athletic footwear are research projects about as diverse as could be imagined.

5 May 2017

Scientists from The University of Queensland are undertaking world-first research into ancient wheats to ensure the crop’s future.

29 March 2016
Dr David Jordan and Dr Emma Mace are part of a Queensland scientific team which has mapped the entire genome sequences of 44 sorghum lines

A consortium of Australian and Chinese researchers has discovered that sorghum, Africa's most widespread crop, contains vastly more genetic variation than previously realised.

28 August 2013
The University of Queensland’s Dr Lee Hickey and research team have discovered a gene that provides resistance to leaf rust in some barley variety adult plants.

An international study led by a Queensland scientist has found a way to better safeguard the world’s beer supplies.

5 August 2013
Dr Craig Hardner with a macadamia tree in Hawaii

A scientist from UQ's Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) has set out to re-trace the steps of a 19th century naval captain who kick-started the international macadamia industry.

30 May 2013
Samoan farmers from Vaiee village, Upolu island, alongside the widely-grown and exported red taro variety.

Australian research into the ‘best’ varieties of taro could open new markets and create greater food security in the Pacific region says a University of Queensland scientist.

23 May 2013

The University of Queensland is well advanced in the nation’s quest to be a major stakeholder in the new Asian Century, a leading UQ scientist said today.

2 November 2012

UQ scientists are pressing ahead with development of two advanced vaccines that stand to save the Queensland cattle industry more than $340 million a year.

18 July 2012
Dr RCN Rachaputi (left) and Dr Chari Kandala (USDA scientist) with the prototype system for measuring nut-in-shell moistures.

UQ and American scientists have developed a quick, new, low-cost way of monitoring the moisture content of peanuts in the shell.

5 June 2012
Avocado researchers, Dr Liz Dann (right) and UQ PhD student Merran Neil

Researchers at UQ’s Queensland Alliance for Food and Agriculture (QAAFI) have acted swiftly to ensure Australia’s next $180 million avocado crop won’t be crippled by a fungus.

1 February 2012

University of Queensland scientists have discovered that an ancient relative of rice contains genes that could potentially save food crops from the devastating effects of global warming.

19 December 2011

A research scientist at The University of Queensland has warned that climate change could have a significantly greater impact on farming profits than on the yield of individual crops.

28 September 2011

Wine lovers already appreciate the differences that occur between brands, grape varieties variety and regions and now a world-first project is taking this concept and trying to unlock the signature flavours for some of Australia’s most iconic...

3 August 2011

The DNA of rare and endangered macadamia species will soon be fingerprinted in an effort to determine the original wild tree or trees that launched the global macadamia industry.

4 July 2011

Two of the world’s leading research universities, The University of Queensland (UQ) and Clemson University in the USA have signed a research agreement today that will result in invaluable collaboration in biofuels research and development.

27 June 2011
Professor Graeme Hammer, Director of the Centre for Plant Science at QAAFI.

The appointment of Professor Graeme Hammer as Director of the Centre for Plant Science (CPS) at The University of Queensland (UQ) will underpin a fresh approach to agri-science research that aims to develop more productive and sustainable crop...

21 June 2011

Our liver could be a major springboard for determining life-changing diabetes diagnosis and treatment thanks to a world-first discovery by an Australian-Chinese research team.

7 June 2011