Coral is threatened by rising sea temperatures

A decision by G20 leaders to discuss climate change at their meeting in Brisbane this week is good news for the Great Barrier Reef, researchers say.

11 November 2014
UQ researchers have uncovered the secrets of the monarch butterfly’s distinct orange colour.

A gene responsible for building muscle tissue in monarch butterflies is the key to their annual mass migration, according to a study from an international team of researchers.

7 October 2014
James Watson ... with a critically endangered mountain gorilla in east Africa.

Australia has a stronger voice in conservation, with the election of Associate Professor James Watson as president of the Society for Conservation Biology.

1 October 2014

Beef producers could soon benefit from a protein-rich and sustainable livestock feed supplement in the form of microalgae.

19 August 2014
A 3D digital representation of one of the Lark Quarry ornithopod tracks. Source: Anthony Romilio, UQ.

Dinosaur footprints in Central Queensland’s Lark Quarry were not all caused by a dinosaur stampede, as previously thought.

9 July 2014
CAPTION: A live Porites colony, left, and a dead Porites sampled in this study.

The Great Barrier Reef is at greater risk than ever from severe weather events, and University of Queensland researchers predict an increase in coral death this summer.

4 July 2014
More than 40,000 people visit Antarctica each year

Antarctica’s ice-free areas – home to most of the continent’s biodiversity – need better protection from human impact, says a group of Australian environmental scientists.

18 June 2014
The only previously known specimens of the 'big-ear bat' were collected by an Italian scientist in 1890

A bat species native to Papua New Guinea and thought to be extinct has been rediscovered by a team of University of Queensland researchers.

4 June 2014
The research aims to extract a high-value “healthy” sugar from sorghum

A joint project between Queensland and Chinese researchers to derive sugars from sorghum could result in extraordinary social, economic and environmental benefits for future generations.

3 June 2014
Photo of hunter in rugged Australian outback

Recreational hunters are under-utilised as a resource for wildlife management, according to a study from The University of Queensland.

3 June 2014
Wideband anemonefish from the Solitary Islands, Australia, tending eggs. Photo: Ian Shaw.

Research into reef fish species diversity will provide conservationists with new information to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

3 June 2014
A UQ study has shown the captive elephant population in Laos is declining as the elephants are not allowed to breed at a rate sufficient to sustain the population.  Photo courtesy of ElefantAsia.

The captive elephant population in Laos will be extinct in just over a century if current management practices do not change, a University of Queensland study has found.

5 May 2014
UQ's Moreton Bay Research Station provided accommodation for emergency crews and temporary parking for fire trucks in a two-week long firefighting effort.

The University of Queensland’s Moreton Bay Research Station provided sanctuary for 100 Queensland Fire and Emergency Service staff during North Stradbroke Island bushfires this month.

17 January 2014
A green turtle grazing on seagrass at Derawan Island in Indonesia (Photo by MJA Christianen).

Green turtle populations have expanded so much in Indonesia’s east coast islands’ marine protected areas (MPAs) that they are adopting new feeding habits, which are degrading the ecosystem and threatening their own conservation.

9 January 2014