Dr Judith Reinhard from UQ's Queensland Brain Institute

Honeybees are also discerning art critics, according to scientists from UQ’s Queensland Brain Institute and the Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil.

23 October 2012

The Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) and The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (UQDI) will further strengthen their research ties with China following the opening in Shanghai today of a joint laboratory dedicated to exploring how genes...

2 August 2011
Professor Melissa Little

UQ has received almost $29 million in National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grants - the fourth-largest share of the $447.5 million awarded to institutions across Australia.

12 November 2010

Most people don’t think twice about the roundworms in their backyard, however Dr Massimo Hilliard has built his career studying them – and now the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) neuroscientist has been rewarded for his efforts.

28 September 2010

SHANGHAI: New collaborations between The University of Queensland and China could help unravel the causes of brain disorders like schizophrenia and combat Hendra Virus.

21 June 2010

Nine UQ researchers will travel the world building research links and bringing that knowledge back to Queensland thanks to funding from the Queensland Government.

19 May 2010
Close up of a trigger fish's eye

Most people wouldn’t give a second thought to the inner workings of the fish eye, but research by University of Queensland scientists is unlocking the secrets hidden behind these fishy lenses.

11 February 2010

Understanding the causes of autism and schizophrenia could be a step closer for researchers from the Queensland Brain Institute at The University of Queensland after they unravelled the secret world of the wasp genome.

14 January 2010