There are several factors that contribute to the sensations felt while watching pimple popping videos

Why is the internet going crazy for videos of pimples popping, cysts exploding and stomach-churning ingrown hairs?

9 October 2017
Elizabeth Baldwin

Three out of the top five spots in a prestigious national economics essay competition have been claimed by University of Queensland students.

9 October 2017
Violent partners exploit the relationship between owners and their companion animals

Women in domestic violence relationships delay leaving due to concern their abusive partner might hurt or neglect their animals left at home.

8 October 2017
The Nanopatch targets cells in the skin’s outer layers

Efforts to rid the world of polio have taken another significant step, thanks to research led by University of Queensland bioscience experts and funding from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

5 October 2017
UQ’s women’s judo team finished with six medals

UQ has finished fourth overall, and Queensland’s top-ranked university, at the 2017 Australian Uni Games (AUG) on the Gold Coast.

3 October 2017
Team UQ hosts the Aon Uni 7s trophy. Credit: ARU Media/Sportography.

UQ has gone undefeated in winning the first-ever Aon Uni 7s Series title, following victory in the final round at Bond University.

3 October 2017
Diprotodon undertaking mass migration, while being observed by a giant lizard (Megalania) and giant grey kangaroos. Credit: Laurie Beirne

A giant prehistoric Ice Age marsupial related to wombats and koalas has been discovered to be the only marsupial known to have ever followed annual seasonal migration.

27 September 2017
Carla Archibald and Rachel Friedman

Do you want to learn more about citizen science, or hear about research on a cryptic Australian bird that is hard to spot, even when it’s only metres away?

27 September 2017

The University of Queensland is gearing up for an early start to the 2018 academic year, with a calendar adjustment that makes allowances for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in April.

25 September 2017
What’s the future of paid work in Australia?

Paid work’s place at the heart of Australian culture will come under close scrutiny at a conference in Sydney next week.

22 September 2017
The competition seeks playable, fun computer games that explore some of the themes from quantum mechanics

Could you design an electronic game inspired by quantum physics?

21 September 2017

More than fifty of the brightest future researchers will have no time to waste when they battle it out in the upcoming Asia-Pacific Three Minute Thesis (3MT) final at The University of Queensland.

20 September 2017
Dr James Hudson

Researchers have identified the process that shuts down the human heart’s ability to heal itself, and are now searching for a drug to reverse it.

19 September 2017
Adjunct Professor Ralph Summy in the Great Court at UQ's St Lucia campus

A founding professor of UQ’s Peace and Conflict Studies will be honoured on the 2017 International Day of Peace.

19 September 2017
One step closer to securing the series title. Credit: Sportography

The UQ female rugby union team has extended its lead in the Aon Uni 7s Series after winning its third-consecutive tournament.

18 September 2017
Entrepreneurs and mentors discussing ideas at MentorBlaze

Aspiring entrepreneurs had the opportunity to challenge their startup ideas with experienced business and industry mentors at the MentorBlaze9 event at The University of Queensland.

15 September 2017
Heightened levels of inconsistent sleep are unfavourable for athletes wanting to perform at their optimum. Credit: Sergio Montenegro

Junior rugby league players go to bed later than their senior counterparts and are therefore at risk of burning the candle at both ends if this isn’t considered in their routine.

15 September 2017

A senior medical ethicist from The University of Queensland has authored a book which aims to reverse the culture of avoidance and silence about death.

15 September 2017
Professor Hall calls for "rigorous evaluation"

The future of international drug control treaties is in question because of recent treaty-violating decisions to legalise non-medical cannabis use in Canada, the United States and Uruguay.

14 September 2017