The study shows US$30-40 million invested by governmental and non-governmental organisations is not effectively spent

A population trend analysis of Bornean orangutans reveals that, despite decades of conservation work, the species is declining rapidly - at a rate of 25 per cent over the past 10 years.

14 July 2017
Equipment in the laboratory can be used for many functions, including dating ancient human and animal remains

One of the most advanced analytical research laboratories of its kind will be opened to the public on Thursday, 13 July at The University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus.

12 July 2017
Traffic on Brisbane's Riverside Expressway

It has been 35 years since globally influential urban planner Professor Michael Batty last visited Brisbane. So what does he make of the changing face of Queensland’s capital?

7 July 2017
The Central American squirrel monkey is listed as vulnerable. Credit: Linda De Volder, MM Switzerland

Researchers have long assumed habitat fragmentation contributes to animal extinction risk, but until now, they have not been able to measure it on a global scale for a major group of animals.

5 July 2017
Purnululu National Park is home to the Bungle Bungle Range

Less than two per cent of wilderness is currently protected in global World Heritage sites - but many opportunities exist to increase this figure.

30 June 2017
Dr Karrera Djoko

Infectious bacteria E. coli can defend itself and grow in acidic and copper-rich human environments a new University of Queensland study suggests.

13 June 2017
Nature Biotechnology artwork by Zosia Rostomian from Berkeley Lab Creative Services

The culmination of almost a decade’s worth of work has seen more than 1000 new microbial genomes unveiled.

13 June 2017
Mechanical vibrations inside the computer chip will be used to perform computations

University of Queensland researchers have partnered with global technology leader Lockheed Martin to develop next generation computers for aerospace applications.

8 June 2017
Hobo, a northern hairy-nosed wombat rescued by Tina Janssen of Australian Animals Care and Education Sanctuary

Do you know the difference between freezing wombat sperm and koala sperm?

7 June 2017
The research team recorded more than 15 tree families with individual specimens growing 30-40m tall at extreme altitudes

The first field campaign surveying Papua New Guinea’s lush primary forests from the coast to clouds has revealed the high mountain tops may house the largest trees recorded globally at such extreme altitudes.

31 May 2017
A network of well-connected reefs with abundant herbivorous fish populations are needed to maintain long-term reef resilience.

For reefs facing huge challenges, more coral larvae doesn’t necessarily translate to increased rates of coral recovery on degraded reefs, a new Queensland study has showed.

17 May 2017
Adult eastern brown snake. Credit: Stewart Macdonald

The “blood nuking” capabilities of adult brown snake venom only come about after an amazing transformation.

16 May 2017
Brahman cattle grazing on an Australian property

Increasing fertility in cows, building better computers for aerospace, more accurately predicting land values, and revolutionising athletic footwear are research projects about as diverse as could be imagined.

5 May 2017
UQ is celebrating a lighting technology research partnership with Indian institutes

Enabling children from remote communities to study at night will be one impact of a University of Queensland partnership that has attracted $1 million from the Australian government, and matching funding from India.

20 April 2017
The atom interferometer uses the quantum ‘wave-like’ nature of atoms to make precise measurements

Next-generation sensors to be used in fields as diverse as mineral exploration and climate change will be turbo boosted thanks to University of Queensland and University of Sussex research.

12 April 2017
The study used Great Barrier Reef sponge Amphimedon queenslandica

Humans have a lot in common with the humble sea sponge, according to research that changes the way we think about animal evolution.

11 April 2017
A single female crown-of-thorns starfish can produce up to 120 million offspring in one spawning season

An American who fell in love with both the Great Barrier Reef and his wife via The University of Queensland has led a breakthrough discovery that could protect one of the Seven Natural Wonders.

7 April 2017
The study on kangaroos and their offspring lasted six years. Credit: Wendy King

Having a social life comes at a cost for grey kangaroos, with ‘mingling’ mothers reducing the chances of survival for their offspring.

5 April 2017
Soldier crabs are commonly found in Moreton Bay

Caress a crab, count the number of tiny animals living on a piece of seaweed, and discover the biological diversity of Moreton Bay at The University of Queensland Biodiversity Road Show.

4 April 2017
Dinosaur tracks in the Walmadany area. Credit: Damian Kelly

An unprecedented 21 different types of dinosaur tracks have been identified on a 25-kilometre stretch of the Dampier Peninsula coastline dubbed “Australia’s Jurassic Park”.

27 March 2017