With obesity at epidemic levels, The University of Queensland’s Children’s Nutrition Research Centre is opening its Body Composition Laboratory in the New Year to help Brisbane residents keep fit, not fat, in 2012.

22 December 2011
James Bennett received high distinctions for all of his undergraduate subjects

Keeping his options open and giving himself ample time to decide on his major finally paid off when James Bennett was awarded his University of Queensland Bachelor of Science degree this month with nothing less than a high distinction in all his...

19 December 2011

University of Queensland scientists have discovered that an ancient relative of rice contains genes that could potentially save food crops from the devastating effects of global warming.

19 December 2011
The first group of RWH Hawken Scholar graduates

The Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT) at The University of Queensland (UQ) bid farewell to its first group of RWH Hawken Scholar students when they graduated last Thursday.

16 December 2011
Mark Hosking and his mother Christine Adams-Hosking

Most students use their time at university to escape parental supervision, but in the case of Brookfield mother and son Christine Adams-Hosking and Mark Hosking the opposite is true.

9 December 2011

For his final year research report University of Queensland Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning student, Cliff Schmidt, decided to research the role social networking sites can play in encouraging planning participation.

9 December 2011
Two of the first female students at Gatton, Tessa Piagno and Anne Chamberlain returned to the campus for the Back to College Weekend.

In 1969, the female student population of the Queensland Agricultural College (now University of Queensland Gatton) was one percent. Today, it's 72 percent.

6 December 2011

Graduation Day. That buzz through the hall as lights dim, scattered coughs as the crowd goes silent, and a brief walk into the limelight that feels like forever. The moment is like magic, but for crack teams of staff the work starts months...

6 December 2011
UQ Chinese students Julie Wu, Jonnie Wang, Yolanda Li and Stephanie Tan

The huge growth in Chinese tourism to Australia is proving a boon not only to the economy, but also to Chinese UQ students, who are in demand as translators at a luxury island resort off Brisbane’s coast.

2 December 2011

A team of first-year engineering students from The University of Queensland (UQ) have won the State finals of the 2011 Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Challenge.

29 November 2011
Eastern Brown Snake

The University of Queensland Gatton Veterinary Medical Centre reports a sharp increase in snake bites to family pets in recent weeks.

28 November 2011

The University of Queensland Agribusiness and Rural Management students recently attended a dinner to celebrate their upcoming graduation and thank industry for their support.

25 November 2011

New research by Dr Brock Bastian from UQ's School of Psychology highlights the psychological processes that people engage in to reduce their discomfort over eating meat.

25 November 2011

Queensland mums-to-be have a new online and interactive tool to help them decide which birth facility suits them best.

21 November 2011

The Professor of Food Policy at City University in London, Professor Tim Lang, visited The University of Queensland (UQ) this month to share his research and vision around food security issues.

18 November 2011

Academics from The University of Queensland have launched a new website, Queensland Speaks, which through audio-recorded interviews, presents the personal and political perspectives of over 60 Queensland legislative decision makers.

17 November 2011

Researchers at The University of Queensland's Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology are working with colleagues at the Pasteur Institute in Vietnam to progress research in vaccine development for pandemic avian influenza.

15 November 2011
Phd candidate, Penelope Mills, in the habitat where Apiomorpha nookara was found

Third-year Biological Sciences students at The University of Queensland have applied their knowledge from the classroom to name and describe a species of gall insect; Apiomorpha nookara.

15 November 2011

Two masters' and eight undergraduate students at Tay Bac University, Son La, Vietnam, have received much-needed bursaries allowing them to complete their theses research, thanks to an anonymous donor affiliated with UQ.

15 November 2011

Employee exchange programs, interpersonal training and wellness programs are the key to enhancing employee engagement, according to students at The University of Queensland.

15 November 2011