Justine at work.

The role of women researchers in Antarctica – and the discrimination that locked them out of the frozen continent for decades – will be highlighted with a “Wikibomb” this month.

25 August 2016
UQ is the first university in Queensland to introduce carsharing

The University of Queensland has joined with GoGet carsharing network to enhance its focus on sustainability.

15 August 2016

Researcher has shown that hysterectomy doubles the odds of a woman enduring persistent hot flushes and night sweats, even if they retain their ovaries.

2 August 2016
World health authorities estimate antimicrobial resistant superbugs will kill 10 million people a year by 2050.

University of Queensland researchers are leading an international effort to slow the emergence of antimicrobial-resistant superbugs forecast to kill more people than cancer by 2050.

29 July 2016

Ahead of World Head and Neck Cancer Day on 27 July, University of Queensland School of Dentistry researcher Kelsey Pateman wants to turn the spotlight to the psychological and social care needs of survivors.

21 July 2016

Why does a mild-mannered person flip out completely when they are cut off in traffic? What is it that so infuriates us in a car that wouldn’t bother us in other scenarios?

12 July 2016
Left: Variable dwarf kingfisher; right: Monkey-faced bats. Both are native to the Solomon Islands and the monkey-faced bat species are recognised by the IUCN RedList as endangered or critically endangered

Wildlife lovers can help The University of Queensland provide free conservation textbooks to more than 250 high schools in the Solomon Islands through the UQ Giving program.

12 July 2016

Experts from The University of Queensland are available to comment on Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.

28 June 2016
The Bramble Cay melomys

University of Queensland and Queensland Government researchers have confirmed that the Bramble Cay melomys – the only mammal species endemic to the Great Barrier Reef - is the first mammal to go extinct due to human-induced climate change.

14 June 2016
Queensland great Quentin Bryce

Two University of Queensland alumni have been named Queensland Greats for their outstanding achievements in the community.

14 June 2016

UQ has responded to inaccurate media reports about a decision of the Fair Work Commission.

9 June 2016
UQ graduate Coby Tomlins

A University of Queensland graduate has harnessed Twitter to develop software that could help town planners design new urban areas.

1 June 2016
Adults have over 50,000 words stored in their mental dictionaries.

Does emotion influence your ability to learn new words?

12 May 2016

University of Queensland Chief Operating Officer Mr Greg Pringle met with a student delegation from Fossil Free UQ on Monday.

19 April 2016
Dane Bird-Smith and Gabrielle Simpson

University of Queensland students Dane Bird-Smith and Gabrielle Simpson have been named Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year at the UQ Sport 2016 Club and Sports Awards.

18 April 2016

Barbara Blackman, a blind 87-year-old alumna of The University of Queensland, has delivered her first book of prose in 20 years.

18 April 2016
A piece of the series by Hollie.

A new exhibition at The University of Queensland Art Museum offers an insight into Brisbane’s energetic artist-run scene of the 1980s, a time of immense transformation.

29 March 2016

Scientists from The University of Queensland are undertaking world-first research into ancient wheats to ensure the crop’s future.

29 March 2016

Australian women having their first child as teenagers are at increased risk of experiencing domestic violence, according to new data presented at the United Nations headquarters today.

22 March 2016

Australian women raped by a colleague after a party are judged more suspiciously if they neither physically resist nor fully cooperate with police when their attacker is from a Western background.

8 March 2016