Researchers have new insights into how protective antibodies attack dengue viruses, which could lead to more effective dengue fever vaccines and drug therapies.

19 December 2017
After more than a century of graduations, Queensland’s largest university is celebrating a major milestone this December: 250,000 graduates.

After more than a century of graduations, Queensland’s largest university is celebrating a major milestone this December: 250,000 graduates.

14 December 2017

Learning about the statistics of Aboriginal imprisonment in Western Australia led University of Queensland law student Nicholas Frazer to put his legal skills into practice and investigate.

12 December 2017

A supercomputer that will speed up research and scientific discovery is being built at The University of Queensland.

7 December 2017

A delegation of Queensland educators will travel to New York City this December in an effort to improve education prospects for students in Logan.

7 December 2017

Trailblazing earth scientist Professor Dorothy Hill’s legacy of mentoring woman scientists will continue to be celebrated following a donation from The University of Queensland.

5 December 2017

UQ Student Services staff are available to assist any students who wish to discuss concerns arising from news reports about Emmanuel College.

22 November 2017
Dr Stephen Mattarollo and PhD candidate Michael Nissen.

New research shows that chronic stress suppresses the immune system’s response to cancer, reducing the effectiveness of immunotherapy treatments.

22 November 2017

Do you want to run alongside the major players in global sports technology innovation or - even better - set the pace?

1 November 2017
UQ's rise to 45th in the world further confirms the University’s status as a research and learning powerhouse

The University of Queensland has pushed into the world’s top 50 on another university league table – this time the 2018 US News Best Global Universities assessment of the world's top 1250 universities.

25 October 2017

A University of Queensland study is helping parents and teachers understand the capacity of young children to learn independently, by providing insight into children’s understanding of practice.

24 October 2017
The ICTE-UQ Chorus

University of Queensland students from nine countries have entered a national online video competition to help raise awareness of social isolation.

24 October 2017
Professor Michael Yu is working on revolutionary termiticide products

Challenges of a modern Australia – ranging from melanoma, to termites, to degenerative disorders, reef protection and food provision – are in the sights of six UQ projects to share $4.2 million in State Government funding.

20 October 2017
UQ journalism student with Woodridge State High School students. Photo by Daniel Seed

A new documentary will shine a spotlight on the unique and powerful stories of Woodridge State High School’s diverse student body.

12 October 2017

State and local government targets to get people out of cars and into more active transport would reduce heart disease and diabetes by tens of thousands of cases.

12 October 2017
UQ produced 8.8 million kWh of clean energy from more than 47,000 individual solar panels in 2016

Enough solar energy to power 1592 average homes was produced by The University of Queensland last year, and UQ has decreased its power consumption by 10 per cent since 2013.

11 October 2017
How do we ensure ‘age-friendly environments’?

Streetscapes, cafes, buses and planes aren’t set up to deal with the ageing population explosion, however older people can advocate change to their environment by voicing concerns.

11 October 2017
CLE peptides are critical for plant development

An Australian study of peptide hormones critical for plant development could result in enhanced agricultural yields, benefits to tissue culture, and improved knowledge of peptide hormones in humans.

10 October 2017
Reduced training stress may mean a greater number of training sessions can be performed in shorter periods

The belief that lifting heavy weights is necessary to build muscles is being challenged by UQ researchers.

10 October 2017
The Biodiversity Roadshow will include opportunities to get involved in citizen science activities

Would you like to know more about the remarkable diversity on Brisbane’s doorstep in Moreton Bay, extending from corals to manta rays?

10 October 2017