Global Change Institute scientists are working with local communities to monitor sea level rise in the Solomon Islands, a region which has experienced some of the highest climate change-related sea level rise in the world. Photo: Dr Javier Leon.

Most of the Earth’s remaining fossil fuels must be left in the ground to avoid disastrous consequences for today’s young people and for future generations, according to research published today.

4 December 2013

Australia’s power system needs a combination of a carbon price supported by direct action incentives aimed at businesses if it is to withstand future supply and price shocks.

21 November 2013

Fair negotiation of landowner compensation for coal seam gas extraction is one of the much-needed projects at the heart of Queensland’s new mining law research centre, to be officially launched tonight.

7 November 2013

New research has found that high salaries are no longer enough to retain good workers in remote locations.

8 October 2013
Centre for International Minerals Energy Law Director Dr Tina Hunter says the new Centre will help industry improve sustainability.

The University of Queensland has strengthened its position as a world leader in minerals and energy research with the opening of its new Centre for International Minerals and Energy Law (CIMEL).

29 August 2013
Professor Paul Meredith ... "a game-changing project for Australia"

The University of Queensland has been confirmed as Lead Research Organisation on a $450 million solar farm project to be built in western New South Wales under the Federal Government’s former Solar Flagship Program.

1 August 2013

Increased remote-operation of mine sites from city-based control centres could lead to fewer jobs and less economic activity in mining regions, a new report has found.

22 July 2013

A University of Queensland study has identified the ideal tilt and angle for solar panels on Brisbane roofs.

18 July 2013

Groundbreaking research to develop new guidelines to assess air quality in mining regions is underway between The University and Queensland and INCT-ACQUA, a research institute supported by three leading institutions in Brazil.

30 April 2013
Leading exploration and The University of Queensland Adjunct Professor Daniel Wood and his 2013 Thayer Lindsley award.

Leading exploration geologist and University of Queensland Adjunct Professor Daniel Wood has received the 2013 Thayer Lindsley award.

24 April 2013