For University of Queensland student Fiona Albert, being named Australian University Sport’s Female Athlete of the Year last month is a step towards her goal of representing Australia at the 2016 Olympics.

9 December 2014
More than 60 per cent of Australians are overweight or obese

Growing obesity levels are increasing the burden of cancers throughout the world, say University of Queensland researchers.

8 December 2014
If you’re at high risk of skin cancer, check your skin regularly. Roman Königshofer/Flickr, CC BY-ND

The earlier you find a cancerous mole, the easier the treatment and the better the outcomes. But it’s not easy distinguishing between harmless, benign moles and those that warrant further attention.

5 December 2014
A mantis shrimp's compound eyes are 'superbly tuned' to detect polarised light. Image: Roy Caldwell

Mantis shrimp eyes are inspiring the design of new cameras that can detect a variety of cancers and visualise brain activity.

5 December 2014
The Wiki team with Queensland Premier Campbell Newman.

Researchers at The University of Queensland have won two Queensland Premier Awards for Open Data for a web application that could assist residents in receiving real-time snapshots of damage inflicted by extreme weather events.

4 December 2014
Image: Evidence suggests that men who react adversely to romantic rejection and act violently towards women are more likely to be socially dominant (iStock).

University of Queensland researchers have found evidence to suggest that men who react adversely to romantic rejection and act violently towards women are more likely to be socially dominant. In two online surveys of more than 550 men, researchers...

4 December 2014
Tamara Davis ... next generation of telescopes will allow astronomers to see almost to the beginning of time

Within a few decades, astronomers will become “know-it-alls”. Literally. In that time frame, it will be possible to see almost everything in the Universe that can be seen, according to astrophysicist Associate Professor Tamara Davis of The...

3 December 2014
Triple P founder Matt Sanders says the findings are remarkable

An independent evaluation of The University of Queensland’s Triple P − Positive Parenting Program has concluded that Triple P can improve the wellbeing of families across an entire community.

1 December 2014

We tend to notice mucous only when it’s abnormal and the sticky fluid is expelled from orifices. But actually it’s pretty amazing stuff. Every moment of our lives mucus is protecting our internal organs, including the sexual organs and bowels. Here...

1 December 2014

Australia’s long-running literary flagship program – Poetica on Radio National (RN) – is slated for axing in 2015. It’s one more casualty of the cuts to the ABC budget, announced last week. For the first time since 1946, ABC Radio will be without a...

1 December 2014

The controversy ignited by the Australian National University in October, when it decided to sell its shares in seven resources companies, has raised two important questions about divestment from assets such as fossil fuels.

1 December 2014

Last week, The Australian reported that 49 artworks had been identified by the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA) with gaps in their ownership history that could signal they were stolen.

1 December 2014
Above: UQ’s Geographical Sciences PhD student Joshua Soderholm and his team are using Australia’s first mobile weather radar station to investigate some of Australia's most powerful summer storms.

Australia’s first mobile weather radar has been enlisted by University of Queensland researchers to track some of the country’s most dangerous summer storms. In a bid to improve the accuracy of storm forecasting, UQ’s Geographical Sciences PhD...

1 December 2014
UQ staff have worked over the weekend to remove debris and get the campus back to normal.

University of Queensland Property and Facility crews worked throughout the weekend to repair storm damage at St Lucia, Herston, Woolloongabba, Long Pocket and Customs House

1 December 2014
Students Andrew Thorpe, Bo Daly and Evangelene Dickson inside the media centre at the G20. Photo: Genevieve Worrell.

From reporting on US President Barack Obama’s landmark Brisbane address to analysing politics at the International Media Centre, University of Queensland journalism and communications students had all angles of the G20 covered.

27 November 2014
Our tendency to think that we will “beat the odds” is risky, and mostly wrong. malik ml williams, CC BY-SA

For most of us, death conjures up strong feelings. We project all kinds of fears onto it. We worry about it, dismiss it, laugh it off, push it aside or don’t think about it at all. Until we have to. Of course, death – our own, a friend’s, a family...

27 November 2014
Professor Linda Worrall has been awarded the prestigious Robin Tavistock Award

A leading University of Queensland researcher has been awarded the prestigious Robin Tavistock Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the field of the language disorder aphasia.

27 November 2014
Mr Hawke ... "the international politics of Asia are being transformed"

Australia is just beginning to gain a deep understanding of China, according to former Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

26 November 2014

As UN Security Council president for November, Australia’s major initiative was to promote the centrality of civilian policing in UN peace operations. The result is the first ever Security Council resolution dedicated to the topic. The resolution...

26 November 2014
UQ's three award winners, from left, Hosam Zowawi, Claudia Vickers and Andrew Stephenson, with the Minister for Science, Ian Walker (second from left)

Three University of Queensland scientists were honoured at an awards ceremony in Brisbane tonight.

25 November 2014