Professor Craig Franklin measuring pH in a tributary of the Wenlock River, on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in northern Queensland.

Scientists have been startled to discover unique ecosystems of fauna and flora thriving around highly acidic springs in far north Queensland.

21 December 2010
David LaMotte. Image: Johnno Chen

Recent UQ graduate and former Rotary World Peace Fellow David LaMotte has been appointed to a prestigious committee that selects Nobel Peace Prize nominees.

21 December 2010

The environmental scientist whose work on dioxins last year prompted governments around the world to suspend the use of some pesticides says there is more to the problem and authorities need to act urgently.

6 December 2010

The University of Queensland’s (UQ) new Native Wildlife Teaching and Research Facility will provide a valuable research and training facility at UQ’s Gatton campus.

6 December 2010

Leading scientists and marine managers have called for a greater national effort to protect vital 1000-kilometre stretches in the middle of Australia’s eastern and western coastlines.

22 November 2010

UQ's Moreton Bay Research Station is inviting the public to celebrate its Open Day - free, family-friendly event - tomorrow, November 20.

19 November 2010

A new malaria study by UQ scientists challenges World Health Organisation guidelines for using DDT chemical spray to kill mosquitoes.

18 November 2010
Dr Lexa Grutter

UQ research has found fish have developed their own mosquito nets in order to get a good night’s sleep.

16 November 2010
Associate Professor Peer Schenk inspects new algae strains

An Australian biodiesel company and a UQ student research group have teamed up to produce green energy.

12 November 2010

A new article in the international scientific journal Conservation Biology shows that Australia’s most endangered species are extremely poorly represented in the nation’s protected area system.

3 November 2010
Brisbane company RedFlow delivers a prototype zinc-bromine battery-based energy storage system

World-leading research into the application of large-scale electricity storage will begin at The University of Queensland early next year.

21 October 2010

Replacing a small number of national parks and other protected areas with new ones that achieve more for conservation and biodiversity is the recommendation released today in the science journal Nature.

29 June 2010

Corals right out on the exposed edges of the world’s great coral reef zones may hold an important clue to the survival of coral ecosystems facing intensifying pressure from human activities and climate change.

17 June 2010

University of Queensland researchers are investigating whether habitat offsets could genuinely compensate for the removal of large old trees, the key feeding habitat for the endangered Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo in south-eastern Australia.

15 June 2010
Mr Waldie prepares for a scuba dive off Lizard Island. Image: Tane Sinclair-Taylor

Eager to save shrinking fish stocks and shape the future of their field, two UQ marine biology graduates will soon dive headfirst into a tour of Papua New Guinea.

11 June 2010

A study by UQ researchers reveals that corals are more adapted to smaller ecological niches than previously thought, and provides new insights into the processes that generate diversity on coral reefs.

10 June 2010
A still from the animation created by Dr David Poger and Professor Alan Mark

UQ scientists have earned their place alongside artists in a new exhibition that promotes sustainability through creative practice.

9 June 2010
Green office representative Bridget Waugh and school manager Heather Dixon from the School of Social Science, which won the 2010 Most Improved Award

Staff at The University of Queensland are embracing the green office culture, with 87 volunteers promoting environmental practices and awareness across all four campuses.

4 June 2010

UQ environmental planning experts are working to find the best solution to a $2.2 billion question – how best to manage and preserve Australia’s biodiversity.

1 June 2010

Dr Norman Duke from the UQ School of Biological Sciences is a world mangrove expert and Director of MangroveWatch.

28 May 2010