Aerial image of the Solomon Islands

The University of Queensland has joined industry partners in a program designed to help ensure a major mining project takes account of the needs of Solomon Islands communities and the environment.

3 April 2013

Athletes often plunge into cold water to assist recovery after exercise, but there is little research available to explain how the technique works.

7 March 2013
The federal Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson, and Professor Paul Meredith at UQ's rooftop solar photovoltaic array

The University of Queensland will assist RATCH-Australia Corporation Limited (RAC) assess the viability of converting the coal-fired Collinsville Power Station owned by RAC to a hybrid solar thermal / gas power station.

20 February 2013
Screening for bacteria just got speedier

Chicken meat and other foods will be able to be screened for bacteria even faster and more effectively than ever, thanks to breakthrough nanobiotechnology research.

14 January 2013