Women want more, but men want more than others, a study by economists at The University of Queensland has found.

5 December 2012

Efforts to help Queensland’s tourism industry to adapt to the effects of climate change are likely to be focused on areas that attract the most tourist dollars rather than those with the greatest need, according to new UQ research.

15 November 2012

Using dubious fashion sense as a ticket into music, relying on networks and charm to re-build a company from scratch and discovering the intricacies of hotel plumbing were some of the career-defining moments discussed at The University of Queensland...

18 September 2012

A Queensland study has found that independent service stations’ petrol prices were on average one cent per litre cheaper than brand retailers.

11 September 2012

Atheists and believers alike will repeatedly sacrifice large portions of their income to unresponsive entities in the hope of a better outcome, a new study suggests.

20 August 2012
Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls and the Governor of Saitama Kiyoshi Ueda unveil UQ's Go Scholarship certificate in Japan.

The University of Queensland’s new scholarship opportunity for Japanese young people was announced during the unveiling of a memorial beach in Japan this week.

18 July 2012

More than 200 economic theorists across the world will attend next week’s major economic conference in Australia.

27 June 2012

Leading international economics scholars are in Brisbane for the first workshop to be held in Australia by the Association for Public Economic Theory (APET).

26 June 2012

University of Queensland (UQ) researchers have found Pacific Island migrants are moving to rural Australia to avoid remitting earnings to their wider community back in their home countries.

15 June 2012

UQ economic honours graduates continue to prove their on top of the academic game by achieving entrance to prestigious US universities for their PhD studies.

14 June 2012

With the bill for the 2011 floods and Cyclone Yasi running into billions of dollars, a group of researchers from UQ Business School is urging businesses to consider relocation as a way to avoid future disasters.

29 May 2012

Despite our inclination to believe equality within a team or group is important, new research suggests that a built-in hierarchy leads to fewer group conflicts and higher productivity.

24 May 2012

Trust is a fundamental building block for any successful organisation - yet trust in business has plummeted since the Global Financial Crisis.

22 February 2012